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18 November 2010

My Christmas wishlist Part 2!

Part 1 of my Christmas wishlist started out with the search for the perfect satchel, and now I think I've found my dream satchel, which I'm hoping will be sitting under my Christmas tree this year, thanks to my loving Sister!

The Stitch Detail Biker Satchel is everything I love in a bag/satchel. Lovely and chunky for all my rubbish. Leather look and black, to 'go' with everything. Perfect! £40 from Warehouse!

And now I'm going to show you the rest of the things on my Christmas wishlist. My mum has asked for a specific list so she knows exactly what to get me. Most of the list consists of books, but there's also the usual bits and pieces I get most years, such as slippers, PJs, a new Calendar and a Diary.

As you've seen from my Book Recommendation posts, I love to read so these books are all on my wishlist, and I expect the list will continue to grow!

So now you can probably guess what some of the future Book Recommendation books are going to include, but that's not all, there's still many things I want! Including these two Accessorize Nail Polish's in 'Rockstar Idol' and 'Illusion Molten Copper.'

I had no idea Accessorize did nail polishes or even cosmetics. I've also opted for a 'Molten Copper' eyeshadow.

Last but not least, I've found this scrummy Bubblegum Lip Scrub from LUSH, which I've also added to my wishlist.

I also really love this dress from Topshop, but I'm not really the dress type and it would probably just sit in my wardrobe for the rest of the year! Boo.

If I get all of these lovely things for Christmas, I'll be a very happy bunny...but I'll have to wait just 36 days!

What's on everyone else's wishlist?


  1. Oh goodness, my wishlist is about ten miles long right now! I think my Mum's picked me up a couple of those nail polishes, I've seen them in store...SO pretty.

  2. I have the dress in Navy and cream my Gran bought me the green one for christmas they're so comfotable and can be dressed up and down they're gorgeous ♥ x

  3. Oh my word, that bag really is just perfect..

    I love Cecelia Aherne books - I've already got 'Thanks For The Memories', but 'The Gift' is definitely going to have to go on my Christmas list too!

  4. oh I loving your Christmas wants, always love a little Lush and that bag is so cute and classic. I like bags to be a good size to with out them looking bulky oohhh love it. I have a dress like that, I still need to wear :P loving the nail polish too, you can't really go wrong with nail polish :)

  5. Well this has just made wish list even longer!
    loving the bubblegum lip srub :)

  6. thats a damn good wishlist! I really need to work on mines - Ive been too bloody busy buying for everyone else xx

  7. I so want the nail varnishes from Accessorize. Loving the list.


  8. Love your wishlist :) And I didn't know about Accessorize cosmetics either?!
    I've asked for a sewing machine, sewing kit and sewing basket: so excited!

    Rosie x

  9. i love lush! and that dress looks awful familiar...;) x

  10. Ooooh, lovely choices! I have the Lush lip scrub in chocolate flavour and it's scrummy!

    I've only read Remember Me (really enjoyed it!) and The Gift (not great) but the others would definitely make it onto my Christmas list too

    Got my first Accessorize goodies from superdrug yesterday and I'm sooo impressed. They're far better than I'd expected

    Joy ♥

  11. Lovely post! That satchel is amazing!

  12. Haha, I didn't know Accessorize did cosmetics either! That lip scrub from Lush looks like it smells delicious.


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