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11 November 2010

Primark Saint or Sinner eye-shadow palette review!

When I think of Primark, I think cheap and sometimes badly made clothing, but I never think, make up. Recently they've brought in a range of beauty products and today I decided to try some out.

I picked up the Saint or Sinner eye shadow palette for just £2, which for 10 eye shadows, is a bit of a bargain!

The box is really cute, but a bit hefty to lug about in a handbag or anything. There's a fair sized mirror which is great and although the eye shadows are only little, I think there is enough for them to last.

The eye shadow colours are: Vanilla, Bamboo, Dusk, Cosmo, Curfew, Galaxy, Matted, Rockstar, Charcoal and Emerald. The names are a little cheesy but I'll let them off!

I have to stay I'm relatively pleased with the colours, especially the darker ones such as Matted, which is a matt Grey, and Charcoal, a glittery grey perfect for smoky eyes.

The Vanilla and Bamboo colours are quite difficult to see so I wouldn't wear them individually, but they would make great highlighters. As you can the see, the Bamboo is barely visible.

Vanilla, Bamboo & Dusk

Cosmo is probably another colour that I would avoid, but not because it isn't pretty, it just wouldn't suit me. Curfew and Galaxy are much more my colours. They both have a hint of sparkle and would be great mixed together. Curfew comes out much more purple that it looks in the package.

Cosmo, Curfew & Galaxy

Matted is probably my favourite colour. It'd look great on it's own as well as with Rockstar, Charcoal and even Curfew for great smoky eyes. Emerald is a real party colour which I might whip out for a special occasion.

Matted, Rockstar, Charcoal & Emerald

Overall I think the palette is pretty good, and very reasonable! I personally prefer the darker colours but I love the slight sparkle in each of the colours. :) The packaging is cute if a little childish but if Primark continue to produce make up like this, they will have a big hit on their hands!


  1. Thanks for following, you have a cute blog here!
    I think exactly the same with Primark and usualy avoid the make up/ bath range, but I deffo like the colour matted, next time I'm in there I'll pick one up :)


  2. In reply to your comment:
    Emma Watson's dress is gorgeous! so, so jealous.

    and thanks for this review. shops like Primark do tend to make a name for themselves, implying the make-up would be poop! but i might give some of their cosmetics a try :)

    would love for you to follow:

  3. great great review and good luck!!!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
    & check out the latest competition to win an LBD!

  4. Nice review m'dear - I think matted and rockstar would compliment eachother really well
    Is the colour long-lasting or does it scatter easily?

    Sweet blog btw.

  5. hey you, love ther blog- going to be follower 95- so close to the 100- yay! I have tired some of the primark stuff but not seen this yet, great review :) bx


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