Cherry Pie : Book recommendations - The Secret Shopper's Revenge by Kate Harrison

5 November 2010

Book recommendations - The Secret Shopper's Revenge by Kate Harrison

Thanks to everyone who wished me congratulations on my Graduation. :) Moving on, I have another book recommendation for you for this month.

As I said previously, I'm a sucker for easy, girly, chick lit, so while once again browsing my Nan's bookshelf, I came across The Secret Shopper's Revenge by Kate Harrison.

Of course, I only picked it up because the title caught my eye. A book about shopping...perfect!

The story is based around 3 young women living in London. Emily is a single mother who has been dumped by her Husband and replaced by a Swedish tart. Sandie was a store manager of a popular department store but was sacked thanks to her hellish assistant and Grazia is a glamorous, Italian widow, running a secret shopping agency on behalf of boss, Charlie.

Each woman comes across times of trouble but are brought together by Grazia, to take on secret shopping missions for Charlie's Shopping Angels. Each character narrates her own story which I love. You feel like you're really getting to know each character like they're one of your best friends. Not only do we join each character on secret shopping missions but we live their lives with them, through new romances and financial and family troubles.

The Secret Shopper's Revenge is easy to read and easy to get sucked into. You immediately imagine yourself as part of the gang, laughing along with the girls and feeling triumphant when they get their own back on snotty shop assistants through their secret shopping missions.

The book leaves you wanting to know more about what happens to the three girls, not because the book lacks anything but because, like a soap or drama series, you become so engrossed in their lives that you feel a need to know what happens next. Thankfully, soon after I finished reading this book, I realised that the follow up was to be released. The Secret Shopper Unwrapped rejoins the girls during the festive season. Watch the Secret Shopping Angels build their lives with new men and a new found lease on life.

So there's my recommendation for this month...and I've literally just noticed that another follow up is to be released in March 2011. The Secret Shopper Affair! I can't wait!


  1. Love you blog, and great post! I hope you also will visit or follow mine!

  2. Ooh that books sounds v interesting! My local library is so outdated though :( I doubt they'd have it!
    Aw thanks so much! I am doing Graphic Design at Solent, Im in my second year :)


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