Cherry Pie : Post-Graduate!

4 November 2010


I did it! I graduated University with a BA Hons in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing!

It was a pretty long day, starting at 9am when I got up in order to tidy up the house in preparation for my parents coming down from Weston Super Mare. After they arrived, we all got changed and ready and I had to get mum to curl my hair! It did look nice once it was done but by the end of the day, my hair was pretty much back to normal, damn these fine, weak locks.

We had to go over to the University so I could get my gown and hat, and oh my God it was boiling in the robing room, which led to my face becoming bright red for the professional photos, great! I knew I should have chosen the retouching option when I paid for them!

Even by this time my hair had started to fall and just look like a wavy mess! The actual ceremony didn't start until 2:30 so there was lots of time to faff around and have pictures taken. My dad took a few photos but we seem to be a family of non-smiling, non-photogenic people so there aren't many good ones. I'm really not looking forward to the professional photo coming through the post. :(

Excuse the devil eyes on this one and the false smile, hah.

The ceremony literally went on for hours! There were speeches and processions and then every single Graduate had to be called on stage, shake hands with the chancellor and have a little chat with him and go off stage. It sounds like it would go by in a flash but it took over 2 hours. We were all sat in rows in the Guildhall and as the empty rows got closer and closer to us, the nerves certainly started building.

When it was my turn to go on stage, it kind of went into a blur. I heard my name being called and was so determined not to trip over that I didn't really pay much attention. The chancellor asked a few questions about what I'm doing at the moment and have I travelled far...yada yada, then I grabbed my certificate and went and sat back down! It was over pretty quickly when I think about it.

Every year we have a bunch of honorary doctorates or as I like to think, people that did nothing at our Uni to get a degree! If only it was that easy for the rest of us. Anyway, the 'Media' person was comedienne Jo Brand, who looked pretty bored through out the entire ceremony. She gave a pretty funny speech though, packed with swear words; just what we like!

And then it was all over...Vince met us afterwards and I had some pictures taken with him. Where again, I look like a fool. I really can't seem to take a good photograph, my dad says all the ones he took are rubbish so now I have none to remember the day.

Vince, myself and my Mum and Dad all went for something to eat afterwards and the day was over before I knew it! It was such a nice day and I now have a fancy certificate to frame and show for all my hard work over the past three years! Just a shame there won't be many photos!



  2. Congrats honey! That'll be me next year! (hopefully) xo

  3. well done graduating!!! that's amazing!!
    and thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. congratz girl!
    your hair is awesome!
    thank you for visiting my blog, take care!

  5. Congratulations on graduating! Did you just graduate from Southampton Solent? That's where I go :) xoxo

  6. thank-you for the comment you left on my blog, and congratulations on graduating, thats great!
    x taylah


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