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29 April 2016

Bubble T luxuries for the bath

Bubble T Bath Infusions
Bubble T Bath Infusions
Bubble T Bath Infusions
Bubble T Bath Infusions

Weirdly around this time last year everyone went mad for The Body Shop's Fuji Green Bath Tea. A year on I still have mine. The pot has rusted and is really hard to open and the tea strainer is full of the green tea gunk so I thought it was about time I got something new for bath times.

I've seen Bubble T on the blogosphere quite a few times so when I spotted some of the products on the shelves in Superdrug on a random shopping trip, I just had to stop and pick something up. The Bath T-bags caught my eye instantly and reminded me a lot of The Body Shop tea from last year so in the basket it went. I also spotted the Bath Oil Pearls, which reminded me of the ones I used to get as a kid, so decided to pick these up as well. I also wish I'd got myself a packet of the Bath Fizzies too but maybe next time!

Inspired by Taiwanese tea, the Bubbles & Tea range includes a shower gel, body spray, bath fizzes, bath pearls, bath and shower jelly and bath T-Bags. The range has a super fresh and fruity scent and the T-Bags in particular smell exactly like strawberry sherbert, it's amazing! They look exactly like tea bags too, with the bath product coming in a little material bag complete with string. You simply pop them in the bath and they turn your water a pretty pinky shade, infusing it with Goji berries and antioxidants and leaving you smelling super fresh and your skin feeling super soft.

The Bath Oil Pearls are a real treat for the skin. They come packed full of the same fresh berry and tea scents and once melted, the oils leave your skin feeling lovely and moisturised.

I paid £5.99 for each of these but they have reduced in price now to £3.99. I personally didn't mind paying £5.99 each for these as I guess I was feeling a bit flush on the day! You certainly get your money's worth as there are absolutely loads of the pearls and a good number of the T-Bags too.

When you think of bath products you immediately think Lush and bath bombs but sometimes I find bath bombs a little bit too much. Too much colour/fizz and scent, they can be a bit overpowering so the Bubble T T-Bags and Pearls are ideal if you want something a bit simpler and fresher.

Have you tried any Bubble T products? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

PS - fun fact, when I was a kid I sniffed a green bath pearl up my nose in Boots...30 minutes later it started to melt...I'll leave that image with you.


  1. I'm going to head to my local Superdrug right now to see if they stock these, I've heard so much about them! And your fun fact sounds both scary and hilarious at the same time!

    Jodie //

    1. Yay - glad you kind of liked the fun fact!

  2. These sound amazin' I think it's great to opt for a much more simpler product sometimes <3

  3. WOW, u stunned me with your pictures! this looks so cute!

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