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10 April 2016

Five good things this week #3


This post is coming a bit late today, especially when I'm hoping to have one going up on Monday morning too - as long as I get my act together and get it all photographed this afternoon, eek! I am planning to get a few blog photos taken this afternoon but really need to stop leaving it so late. I need to start taking photographs on Saturdays too and eventually, after work when it is lighter a bit later!

This week Yoga was back after the Bank Holiday. It's only the second class we've been to so some of the stretches are a bit adventurous for us newbies but it's still good to get some exercise in - I do struggle with the breathing sometimes though. When the teacher tells us to breath in and hold it, I can't hold it long enough and by the time she's breathing out, I've already breathed out and breathed back in again! I'm not sure if it's something to do with my asthma or if it's something you learn to do better over time.

My shoulders were really painful this week, I think from sitting at my spin bike. I think the seat needs to be closer but unfortunately I've got it pulled as far forwards as it will go. I thought Yoga might help my shoulders a bit but the day after they were SO stiff so I've been suffering with them a bit this week.

This section doesn't particularly sound like a 'good thing' but I promise I enjoyed the class, especially the last 20 minutes or so when you basically get to go to sleep on the floor - some people even bring blankets!

My Mum and I went back to crochet classes this week after a few weeks off. I haven't picked my crochet up in weeks, oops, but it was good to get started again. I'm currently working on a pink and cream star blanket, which I'm sure I'll post about soon or once it's finished. I am keen to start making some more adventurous items such as teddies/toys and am currently waiting for some kind of kit to come into stock. I'm not sure how good I will be at it but I'm going to give it a go!

Back on the bike
On Saturday, after a few days off in order to rest my shoulders and neck, I got back on my spin bike for 30 minutes. I'm still actually taking it quite slow and I have the resistance right down but I managed 15km and my shoulders didn't hurt too bad from it afterwards. I need to make sure I sit up straighter I think and really warm up/warm down properly. I guess it's easy to not do it properly when you're doing it at home at your own pace.

Although the resistance was right down I did keep up the pace for the entire 30 minutes, which I was quite pleased with. I need to start upping the time to around 45 minutes and putting the resistance up slightly, however the next resistance setting from the lowest one seems really hard! Wish me luck!

Park afternoon
Yesterday my Mum and I popped to my sister's for a cup of tea, which ended up in a trip the park for my niece and nephew. The weather wasn't brilliant and it did start raining halfway through the kids playing on the swings but I think they enjoyed themselves. They just enjoy walking through the park, Daisy said it was 'a beautiful place' and Oscar looked hilarious running around in his Spiderman costume!

Day with Vince
Vince finally has a day off today and I'm currently trying to get him off the sofa and to the shops with me. He very kindly made me toast for breakfast but now he seems to have slumped on the sofa. It's quite a nice day weather wise so even just getting outside to the shops would be nice, just so we're not stuck indoors all day!

It is his first day off in six though so I can't be too naggy with him! I'm hoping to get blog photos taken this afternoon and will probably pop to my Mum's as well. I've got housework to do but I'm currently ignoring it in favour of writing this post!

It's going to be a pretty chilled out day I think...I'm not sure what I will be doing next week. Unfortunately Yoga isn't on tomorrow and Crochet is every two weeks so it certainly won't be as busy of a week. I'm hoping to get on my bike a bit more so will report back on that next week.

What have been five good things that have happened to you this week? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. I tried so hard to learn to crochet but I just couldn't start it off, I can't wait to see the blanket though! x

      Jodie //

      1. Ahh definitely keep going with it, once it clicks you'll have no problem!

    2. I struggled with breathing when I have done meditation before. I just can't seem to do it properly, maybe it will come in time?

      Lauren x |

    3. I love the tulips especially with the frilly edges, I went to 4 different shops today look to buy yellow daffodils but they only seemed to have the pale yellow ones - I fancy buying a bunch for my desk to brighten things up!

      The lighter nights and warmer weather makes such a difference doesn't it. It feels like you can actually do things after work :) I've managed to fit some walks in this week, they were in the countryside so were nice and scenic!

      Ami x


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