Cherry Pie : Five good things this week #4

17 April 2016

Five good things this week #4

Five good things this week

Well it took me a pretty long time to think of my five things for this week. Unfortunately it was a pretty general week with not much going on. There was no crochet class and Yoga was cancelled so I didn't exactly get up to much. I have managed to come up with my five though, no matter how hard it was...

Back on the crochet
After last week's class I've been determined to do more crochet at home in the evenings. I'm the type of person that if something is out of sight then it is out of mind so putting my crochet away is not a good thing as I forget about it and I keep ending up only ever picking it up every two weeks during class. This week I got back into doing my star blanket! I'm not really sure what I'm making it for but I'm just keeping on going. I'm determined to actually finish it too, which I don't often do with my projects, oops!

New book
I have always been a huge bookworm but in recent years I haven't been reading nearly as much as I'd like to. A couple of weeks ago I picked up the newest book in the Shopaholic series. It's probably much too young for me now but as I've read all the other books in the series and I spotted this one, I just had to pick it up and see how the story continued. It's been nice to actually read again and hopefully it will lead me to reading more often!

Boots haul
Yesterday I somehow accidentally found myself in Boots...which is a real danger. I always pop in even if I don't need anything and I always end up picking something up! I got myself two new nail polishes from the Maybelline Blushed Nudes collection, which I'll definitely be featuring in a Manicure Monday soon so look out for those! I also picked up a couple of Biore products, which is a brand I've never tried before. Recently I've developed quite big pores on my nose and chin so I picked up some pore strips and a pore cleanser. I gave the strips a little go yesterday afternoon and while being a bit grossed out, I was also really impressed with what they managed to pick up. I'm not too sure how often I should use them but with the cleanser I'm hoping for a pore free face!

Clean house!
Yesterday was also a big cleaning day in my house. I do clean regularly every week but every month or so I go full on clean and get the big hoover out, get the air fresheners and fabric fresheners out and just spend most of the day giving everything a good scrub. The house now smells lovely and clean and I'm so impressed I managed to get the black glass TV stand dust free!

A free Sunday...
Today I have a day all to mum is off out with my sister and the kids but I'm staying home so I can get a proper day of blogging under my belt. I haven't had one in SO long and usually leave taking photos until late Sunday afternoon so I'm determined today to get lots of photos taken of products that are piling up on my desk and get lots of writing done too. I'm also going to hop on my spin bike as I'm determined to do it more often, I've been really lazy recently!

What are five good things that have happened in your week? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. I really want to learn crochet or knitting, I think it's time I bucked down and got on with it rather than just saying it!

      Jodie //

    2. The Sophie Kinsella books are so fun! Can You Keep a Secret and The Undomestic Goddess are my favorites. I read her YA debut last year, Finding Audrey and it was super cute.

      Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

      1. Oh I will have to give that one a try!


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