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3 April 2016

Five good things this week #2

Five good things this week

So last week's post went down quite well and what's more, I enjoyed writing it. I thought I'd struggle to find five good things to be honest but it's not been too bad. Here we go...

Four day week
The downside to this week was that my holiday was over but on the plus side Monday was a Bank Holiday so for me it was actually only a four day working week! Whenever there's a Bank Holiday I always get my days muddled up and Tuesday feels like a Monday and so on. The week went pretty quickly and wasn't too stressful!

Getting my cook on
I've been continuing to cook up some dinners again this week - in last week's post I mentioned that I was making Spanish Sausage Goulash, which I did and it was so yummy! I was really impressed with myself actually. I did have help from my mum but it turned out really yummy, I just wish I had made more of it! I am definitely going to try it again.

On Friday I made Peri Peri chicken, admittedly the sauce was from a jar, but it did taste good! I need to have a root through the cupboards and see what else I can whip up for the week to come - any suggestions?

Pub dinner
On Thursday I had the night off from slaving away in the kitchen and Vince and I enjoyed dinner at the pub with our two friends. We haven't seen them in AGES, since before Christmas, so it was good to catch up. I had Sausage Whirl for dinner with sweet potatoe fries and runner beans. It was really nice, basically a sausage shaped into a catherine wheel/swirl with some yummy sauce. I've actually just seen a recipe for it in my book so maybe that will be something I whip up soon!

Pay day
When this day comes around it's always one of the best of the week but it's tricky to control myself and stop myself from blowing it all - oh to be a teenager again and spending the day shopping, blowing all my money in Topshop. These days most of my money comes in and goes straight back out again on things like rent, bills and other boring adult stuff. Pay day does always make me feel 'safer' again though, knowing I've got some money in the bank should I need it. This month coming I have a dentist appointment though and definitely need to start paying off my spin bike!

Shopping and tea
Yesterday my mum, sister and I took a little afternoon trip into town. Not for anything special, just to have a look around some of the shops and stop off for a cup of tea in a little cafe. I ended up picking up a new top from New Look, some cleaning products (fun!) and some new bath products for me to test out on the blog. I used a voucher for the New Look top so I don't feel like I was too spendy! We stopped off at a nice little cafe in the town where mum had tea and my sister and I have iced drinks - mine was peaches and mint, which was surprisingly lovely! It was a really nice afternoon, simple, not stressful and fun! Even if it was only for a couple of hours.

What have been five good things that have happened to you this week? Let me know in the comments.

PS - I've just joined Snapchat. Add me (cherryp13) for lots of behind the scenes bloggy bits!


  1. I've been really loving coking lately too! It's so satisfying knowing that you made something yummy yourself. Pay day is such a good feeling : )
    I love that mug!
    Steph x.

    1. I'm sure it tastes better when you've made it yourself!

  2. It sounds like you've had a great week! A four day week doesn't sound bad at all! (I'm going to add you on snapchat right now!)

    Jodie //

  3. It sounds like you've had a good week, especially as it was a 4 day working week too! Also, where is your mug from please?! It's adorable!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. ohhh that cup is so cute!!

  5. I love the fact we had a 4 day week too!! And that mug is amazing!!!

    Lauren x |

    1. The mug seems to be very popular!

  6. The sausage goulash sounds good! This month I've decided to be more daring and make or order different dishes to normal, I made a prawn stir fry (first time I'd cooked prawns) on Friday which was delicious. Love the mug :)

    Ami x

  7. winner of the best cup award!!


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