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13 April 2016

Five simple ways to cheer yourself up

Five ways to cheer yourself up

In a bid to mix things up a bit on the blog and stop the constant barrage of beauty reviews, I thought I'd put together this little list of things I personally do when I'm in a bad mood, which according to my boyfriend, is a lot of the time (har har!). Hopefully if you're having a rubbish day then these things might help, they're just a few simple pick-me-ups that I find really improve my mood.

Buy yourself some flowers
When I'm in a bad/sad mood I want to buy all the things! It's tricky to stop myself from going full on Supermarket Sweep in Boots or New Look. Buying lots of junk you don't need is only a temporary fix and the next day you'll be instantly regretting it. You can never regret buying yourself flowers though, they'll cheer you up for at least a week or two (if you remember to keep the water fresh) after your sad day/bad mood so I always like to have a fresh bunch in the house. You don't have to go for the expensive bouquets either, supermarkets sell cute little bunches of tulips for as little as £2.

You could even find yourself a pot, some dirt and some tulip bulbs and plant your own. Mine are just starting to come out now so when they're ready I can snip them and pop them in a vase!

Regular exercise really helps improve my mood. I've recently taken up Yoga which is extremely relaxing and consists of sleeping on the floor for 20 minutes, oh and some stretches here and there...but if Yoga isn't your thing then something more intense like aerobics, kickboxing or even spinning is a great way to improve your mood. It's a well-known fact that exercise helps if you're feeling down, it gets your heart beat up and gives you something else to concentrate on. It releases endorphines, which trigger a positive feeling. It's also a great way of getting all your frustrations out.

You don't even need to be a Gym member or go to a class, just search up a Youtube vid and get your exercise on anywhere in your house where there's a bit of space!

Immerse yourself in something that takes no brain power
Sometimes I just need a day (usually a Sunday) where I stay on the sofa under my blanket and watch rubbish on TV or binge watch a TV series. Alternatively you could read books/mags or spend hours watching Youtube videos. Whatever it is that needs little to no brain power, do it and don't feel guilty for taking a day out either.

Go for a walk
Walking does come under the exercise category so again, getting your heart beat up and those endorphines flowing is going to boost your mood physically but walking is also great mentally and when I say walking I don't mean round the shops..I mean a proper across fields, through woods kind of walk! In my local area we have a great woods, which we like to walk in, we also have beaches and it always cheers me up to walk along the seafront, smelling the fish and chips, listening to the seagulls and the sound of the waves. Just giving your mind a break and getting some fresh air always does the world of good

Chat to a good friend/relative
Meeting up with a good friend or even a close relative is a great way to cheer yourself up. I really enjoy going for a cup of tea in a local cafe with my sister and just having a good moan. I like to let it all out and enjoy a cake while I'm there! You don't even have to talk about what's bothering you, just having a good chat and a laugh can put you in a great mood!

What are your top tips for cheering yourself up? Leave them in the comments and I'll give them a try.


  1. Love this post! I usually find myslf online shopping if I'm having a bad day, but the buzz is only temporary before I feel guilty for splashing out! I'll have to make a conscious effort to try your alternative techniques x

    1. Let me know how you get on if you do try them out!

  2. just getting out of the house and chatting with friends cheers me up! and fresh flowers too :)

  3. i just bought myself some plant and felt awesome so next ill try your flower tip :)

  4. I never buy myself flowers which is kinda sad I really should - lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. Lovely post! I find yoga always makes me feel better, it is great exercise for someone who is pretty unmotivated to do anything strenuous! xx

  6. Binge watching crappy girly tv shows always cheers me up

    Lauren x |

  7. I love all of these, especially talking to someone or buying yourself flowers! Such simple techniques which definitely work xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. I find they work really well! I just bought myself some new flowers actually!

  8. When i started working from home i started the 30 day yoga with Adrienne series as something 'routine' to get me going (ha!) in the morning.. loved it, & love her, would really reccomend it! Have you done any of her yoga? #FindWhatFeelsGood


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