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30 September 2011

September Favourites

Another month gone...can you believe it? It certainly doesn't feel like September thanks to this current burst of hot weather we're having, but I'm sure it'll turn cold again just as quickly.

This month has been a bit poor as far as products go. I haven't really purchased many news bits, but I have received a few things in the post and have rediscovered an old favourite as well.

Last week I posted my review on the new VIVO Cosmetics brand. I was very kindly sent a few bits to review and I was really impressed! I did search for the brand in my local Tesco store but they didn't seem to be stocking it, which was unfortunate as I really want to get my hands on some more pieces from the range. The eyeshadow palette is now one of my favourites. I love the vibrant shades and they stay on all day, which is a bonus! They're such great quality and really cheap!

I also received some lovely skincare products from the Good Things range which have also become firm favourites of mine. It's lovely enough just to be contacted by some companies for review purposes, but I love it even more when the products turn out to become staples in my morning routine! I'd certainly recommend this affordable range to anyone. The best thing about it is the fact that all the products smell of Starburst!

I randomly brought the No7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner in Chainmail recently, but I didn't have a No7 voucher to go with it! Luckily, the lovely lady behind the counter found one that somebody didn't want and let me use it, so I managed to pick this up for around £3! What a bargain! I'll be sure to do a full post on it very soon!

Now this has got to be my favourite product of the month by far. I received it as a Christmas present about two years ago so it's really lasted. I think it's one of the original Ghost perfumes, there's so many now that I can't really keep track but I absolutely love the scent! The bottle is also really pretty and I'm definitely going to be replacing it when it finally does run out!

Hopefully in October I'll be able to get my hands on a few new products. It's my birthday on the 13th so hopefully I'll get a little bit of money that I can splash! I really want one of the Chanel llusion D'Ombre eyeshadows but haven't been able to get down to Bristol to visit Debenhams! I think a trip is in order!


  1. Would be great to see a review on the No7 eyeliner, it looks lovely! x

  2. I tried some of the vivo eyeshadows in tesco earlier and they seemed really good, I wanted the compact with 3 neutral/brown colours in but it was out of stock but will definitely look out for it! x

  3. Love the look of the eyeshadows, I have heard some good things about that brand. Look forward to the No7 review, that was really nice of the lady to give you the voucher! xx

  4. I keep hearing a lot about Vivo, I don't think their products will be available in Canada though.

    That body butter looks yummy!

  5. That body body sounds really good :) I love everything with coconut! And goji berries sounds pretty interesting too!

  6. The No 7 eyeliners are really good :)

  7. That eyeliner is AMAZING, you will LOVE IT guaranteed xx

  8. Ooh that eyeliner looks amazing, can't wait to read your review of it! I love the No7 vouchers Boots give out, I always use them as an excuse to buy more makeup I don't really need!

  9. September has traveled so fast. I agree.

    It feels like yesterday I was opening my Calender to July.

    I love your blog, truly, and the eyeliner is so pretty

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  10. I've never tried No.7 liquid eyeliner so I'm looking forward to a review! I really want the Tesco make-up to make itself more obvious, I want some nail varnish...

  11. ooh, this makes me want to branch out in my makeup tastes! xx

  12. I know, September has gone soo quickly!
    The Vivo palette looks gorgeous! :)

    xo Samantha Grace

  13. I didn't even know that No7 did an eyeliner but I'm really interested in it now, plus my liquid eyeliner is running out and I'll need to replace it soon! :) x

  14. Nice post. :))

  15. those eyeshadow colours look gorgeous!x

  16. Omg i love vivo want to try
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  17. I love Ghost so much - have never smelt this one but definitely will x


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