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19 September 2011

What's in my shopping bags?

Yesterday I mentioned that I was thinking of going on a cheeky shopping trip today, providing the weather held off and I could actually be bothered to get dressed. Well, the weather was a bit drizzly, but not too bad and I wasn't feeling particularly lazy so I decided to go and spend, spend, spend.

Interna├žionale, Peacocks, Dorothy Perkins & Tesco!

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, which is probably the best way to start out a shopping trip. I did think about getting some new earrings and I definitely wanted to pick up the shoes I've been wanting for ages, but other than that, there were no strict rules!

Topshop is always my first port of call as it's basically the first shop I come to and recently I've left feeling so disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the stock is lovely and I want it all, especially the Knitted Contrast Top, but I refuse to pay nearly £40 for it. It's absolutely ridiculous! I'm hoping something similar will crop up in another shop for half the price!

So I left Topshop without buying anything and sauntered over to Dorothy Perkins. I'm not a huge fan of Dotty P's as the clothing isn't really 'me', but I do always try to browse their jewellery. I picked up these cute Gold Engrave Leaf Drop Cluster earrings for just £5!

I've got a bit of a thing about not wearing stud earrings in my first set of piercings. I always love wearing drop earrings!

Apart from Topshop, New Look, Interna├žionale, Peacocks and Dorothy Perkins, there aren't any other clothes shops in my local town centre. I did have a good look around New Look, but again, was disappointed with some of the pricing and nothing really grabbed me, so instead I decided to pop into Tesco as I know they have a teeny tiny F+F collection in stock. Amazingly, I found something! This has got to be my first ever clothing purchase from a Supermarket and although I'm still not 100% sure about it, it's rather pretty and great for only £8. I haven't been able to capture the colour very well but it's a nice midnight blue sheer top with polka dot pattern and a pleated front. The closest thing I can find to it is this F+F at Tesco Pleat Front Top!

Last but not least, I decided to pop into my new favourite shop, Interna├žionale, and ended up trying on a whole load of things. I was looking for a pair of shorts but unfortunately couldn't find any. I also tried on a few winter pieces, including a huge cosy jumper and knitted 'capes' but none of them felt right. Instead I picked up this simple little t-shirt that instantly caught my eye. Although I don't like the ruched shoulders on it, I simply had to get it to wear underneath some sort of cardigan/jacket! I also picked up the shoes I've wanted for weeks and weeks. I wanted these as I think they'll look extremely cute with a pair of shorts and thick wooly tights this winter, I just need to find a pair of shorts now!

So there we have it. I think it was a particularly successful shopping trip for a change, but I'm quite surprised that I didn't pick up any make-up or nail polish. I was close to purchasing the new Garnier BB Cream but after reading the box, realised that my Natural Collection tinted moisturiser does pretty much the same thing!

I've been dying to go shopping for such a long time now and it's so nice to have a little bit of money again! I'm surprised that I managed to get everything done in about an hour and a half, but this will probably be the last one for a while as when I get paid next week, I'll be starting to save towards a place to live! Hurrah!


  1. Love the Tesco blouse, so pretty, the earrings are lovely too! x

  2. Love Tesco's clothing, the pieces are such bargains!

  3. I've noticed the raised prices too and always leave shops like Topshop and now even New Look without purchasing anything ): Last time I bought 2 pairs of tights and nothing else, I just can't justify spending so much on 1 item!

    An Internacionale has opened in the city centre closest to me and it's my new favourite shop too! :D I love the clothes they have, and the shoes are to die for. Tescos are also upping their game in terms of clothing but I don't have a store near me )':

    I really like the shoes you bought, prefect for winter! And I really love your ear piercings ♥

  4. I love the Tesco blouse, I have bought some great pieces for work in Tesco recently. Love the earrings as well, lovely style xx

  5. I really need to get to internacionale, looks like it's really upped it's game! You've bought some gorgeous things :)

    The Deer Head


  6. Fab haul, I'm particularly in love with the top from Internacionale xx

  7. amazing haul, love those earrings and your tattoo too :) x

  8. Love the blouse from Tesco, they have so many nice things in recently, bad though when you pop in to buy some food and end up spending on clothes when you're trying to stay out of the shops! x

  9. Great purchases!! Love the boots! So versatile!

  10. I love the tshirt and the boots. I always seem to be disappointed by the selection, quality and price of clothes when I have been shopping lately. I don't mind paying for quality but a lot of it isn't.

  11. I love this post! It's charming, witting and oh-so fabulous!

    I attended New York Fashion Week and would love for you to read my coverage!
    an Asian fashion lawyer living and playing in LA, giving you the insider's scoop on life in the fab lane!

  12. I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, I only started it this weekend so you were my first commenter :)

    I love the internacionale top by the way x

  13. Loving your shoes :)
    that used to be my favourite store too until it moved to another town - gorgeous earrings too!! x

  14. Oh wow, I LOVE the Gold Engrave Leaf Drop Cluster earrings, so cute and what a total bargain!

    BTW My best friend has the exact same tattoo as you behing the ear! And I have the same but on my belly (:

  15. Last time I went shopping I only brought a hat in Topshop, I used to buy everything from there but it's so expensive when you can get the same look at H&M for half the price!

    Loving your tee and the drop earrings, Dorothy Perkins have the best jewellery!

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