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14 September 2011

Good Things Soothing Body Care

Yet again, I haven't posted in a couple of days. I was pretty busy on Monday visiting the local leisure centre and driving school in order to do some reviews for I've actually been enjoying doing these reviews as I'm discovering new local businesses and rediscovering others. I had no idea that the leisure centre offered so much, including a spa, steam room and sauna. The manager very kindly gave Vince and I two free day passes so we're planning a game of squash and a nice relaxing sauna/steam afterwards!

On Tuesday I started back at work at the local Holiday resort. Everything is still pretty much the same but my feet seriously cannot cope with me standing up all day long. I haven't worked there since Christmas so I'm not used to standing all day, my feet are in agony!

To help me through this difficult time, the very lovely people at Good Things Beauty sent me a huge parcel containing their new Soothing Body Care range which really was a lovely surprise!

Not long ago, I reviewed the Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter and you may remember just how much I loved it and I was so happy to see another body butter in with the parcel!

What I love most about these products are the absolutely gorgeous scents! Each scent reminds me of starburst sweets as they're so sweet and strong. My favourite in particular has got to be the Soothing Body Butter which includes extracts of Coconut and Goji Berries, gorgeous! The Soothing Exfoliating Scrub also contains extracts of Kiwi Fruit and Papaya while the Soothing Body Lotion contains Gojiberry and Blueberry. This range has got to be my absolute favourite when it comes to scents. I'm a huge fan of Soap & Glory because of the scents, but Good Things beats them hands down. I find that the scent lingers all day long!

What I also love about Good Things bodycare and skincare is that it's available in my local Sainsburys stores and is priced reasonably well. The Scrub and Lotion are both £4.99, which, for the size of the products, is tremendously affordable. The Body Butter comes in at £6.49.

After trialling these products I've got to say that they're my new favourites. The Body Butter is thick and creamy but drys pretty quickly, leaving the scent on your skin. I find it great for my legs in particular which are often dry.

The Soothing Body Lotion is amazing for showers as it leaves the whole room smelling gorgeous. It contains extra moisturising ingredients as well as shea butter which everyone knows is one of the best types of butter you can get.

All of the products are very soft and great for my super sensitive skin. I can't stress enough just how much I love them and how much you need to try them all out! I was so excited when this package was delivered as I've now also got this cool bowl for storage too!

This post contains PR samples


  1. i'm always on the hunt for new products, i'm kinda a beauty junkie! xx

  2. This is a lovely little parcel! You are so lucky, they all look gorgeous.

  3. The products look great, and I love the bowl it all came in, an added bonus!! xx

  4. they look lovely, I'm not a fan of overly scented products though :(

  5. These look really good. And the fact that they dry pretty quickly it's a plus for me, cause I don't like those really greasy lotions that take forever to soak into your skin.

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  6. What a lovely parcel to receive! They sound like nice scents and great prices too! x

  7. That looks awesome ! Now I feel like making my own spa and take a day off ^^

  8. The reviews sound like great fun especially if you get freebies!

    Are those products free from chemicals like parabens etc? if so I would definitely be interested to know where you can buy them from.

  9. Lovely review. I really like the packaging!

    London Last Night

  10. Oh, I've been wanting to try out this stuff for a while, but nowhere near me seems to stock it, which is so so annoying :/
    Sounds like a great brand, though - I have super sensitive skin to, so I definitely get where you're coming from! xx

  11. You lucky bugger! I've always wanted to try that range. And oooh the sauna/steam sounds like just what I need right now,

    Rosie x

  12. These look amaaazing! I love love love body butter! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  13. body butter is so nice! this looks great!

  14. Ohhh, your blog = CHIC!
    Wonderful post!!
    Follow each other? :)



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