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25 September 2011

Sunday Style Steal #3

I am absolutely knackered! I haven't stopped since I got home from work at 5:30. Mum and Dad are due back from Majorca tonight so I've been cleaning the house from top to bottom, walking the dog and generally making sure everything is nice and tidy for when they get back! As if I needed to be doing that after having to run around like a mad person at work all day. Work was absolutely heaving due to the bad weather and I seem to start doing about a million different things all at once!

Thankfully, Vince is cooking me a lovely dinner, then we're settling down in front of the TV for X Factor and TOWIE! Woo! Mum and Dad's flight isn't due back until 11:55 so we've got a while to wait yet...thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow! Time to relax!!

While I play The Sims Social on Facebook, I thought I'd also prepare today's Sunday Style Steal post! I'm loving writing these posts and I hope you're equally enjoying reading them. You would let me know if you weren't? If you have any 'styles' that you want me to 'steal', just leave a note in the comments!

This week I've chosen a pretty simple outfit worn by the stylish young Hailee Steinfeld. I can't believe this girl is just 15 years old? That's absolutely crazy really. I don't think much of her hair-do or the weird grin she's pulling but I do love the simplicity of the Carven outfit she's wearing here.

It wasn't very difficult to re-create this outfit, however I did decide against completely leather shorts just because the prices are so high. Instead I chose some that incorporated a little leather detailing!

Topshop: Knitted Contrast Peter Pan Top, LAVISH Strappy Platform Sandals
ASOS: Rhinestone Encrusted Cocktail Ring, Angular Cocktail Ring, Premium Shorts with Leather Pockets
Temporary Secretary: Bow Neck Tie Brooch 

I've found that Topshop are absolutely brilliant for recreating Celebrity's sky high heels. I also love the Peter Pan Collar top, although it does remind me a little of a referee!? The shorts are actually really cute and I'd much rather pay £35 for them, with their little leather pockets, than fork out over £100 for a full leather pair.

I absolutely had to choose something from Temporary Secretary when I spotted Hailee's collar. The bow is SO cute and it comes in a brooch form, meaning it's easy to pin to anything. You could even wear it pinned on a jacket pocket instead of from the neck?

Anyway, I best be off! Vince pretended to be making me dinner but instead surprised me with a Miss Millies (cheap KFC, but SO much better) takeaway, so now I've got some more clearing up to do! See you soon!

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  1. I love this look and that ring is gorgeous!
    I got a takeaway from the boyfriend tonight too haha :) x

  2. Such a good look, you put that together so nicely! Your blog is really cool! x

  3. your week of freedom has come to an end, at least you get to watch the great trashy shows first! I'd love to seem some Adele style steals, I love her elegant dresses and our sizes are similar I can't wear half the stuff most celebrities can! :)

    Nom! x

  4. Hailees so coooool! I really want a clown neck!

  5. super cute look.... I love everything you put together <3

  6. Love the look.. Especially that top.. Very early Chanel..

    Hugs! ~Angel

  7. I agree, it's hard to believe how young she is! I actually prefer the shorts from your steal to the original outfit too. Definitely keep posting these! x

  8. I like that topshop top, but I do see what you mean about a referee, I think it must be the black and white! Love the bow brooch. x

  9. My gosh, those shoes are AMAZING, I'm in love. The bow brooch is adorable, too!
    I definitely didn't dress this stylishly when I was be fair, I probably still don't, now! xx

  10. I really like this look, the shoes are amazing!

  11. back to reality with the parents coming home hey!
    I love this feature x


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