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18 September 2011

Sunday Style Steal #2

Having so long between my blog posts is horrible. Where I've been working and a little bit busy this weekend, I just haven't had time or the energy to come on the laptop, but, I'm aiming to change this and make much more time for blogging.

My first week back at work hasn't been too bad. Nothing much has changed so I know what I'm doing and the hours have been fine too. I've had this weekend off as I planned to do some filming with Vince and our two college friends. It didn't go very well...but, before I go into that, I wanted to get this week's Sunday Style Steal done!

I was close to posting about the red Tibi dress worn by Emma Roberts to the 'I Don’t Know How She Does It' New York Premiere, but it was too similar to last week's celeb outfit, so instead, I've chosen Kirsten Dunst's lovely, almost nautical Prada & Chanel outfit which she wore to the Toronto Film Festival premiere of 'Melancholia'.

I'm a huge fan of Kirsten Dunst's style and I really love the simplicity of this outfit. She cleverly paired a polka dot Prada blouse with a cream pleated Chanel skirt. Her look is very feminine in my opinion and she has accessorized with silver heels and black clutch as well as some Kate Middleton inspired earrings that peek out from her half up, half down 'do'.

Topshop Polka Dot Blouse by Sister Jane,
Topshop Sonar Lace Up Shoe Boots
ASOS Darling Polka Dot Blouse
ASOS Blue Sandstone Gold Plated Earrings
ASOS Rectangular Stud Earrings
Boohoo Macy Pleated Maxi Skirt

So, there we have it. What do you think? Although it's probably not something I'd feel comfortable wearing, it's still a lovely outfit. I particularly love the high-street replicas that I've found, including the Topshop blouse with the sharp collar, very cool.

The shoes are a little out there, but you could easily swap them for something a little less statement making. I'm not sure how long it'd be until I spilt something down a white maxi skirt like this but I'm sure the more sensible among you could pull it off!

This post is coming to you in the midsts of London Fashion week. I've yet to have a look at any shows or images online but I'm definitely going to dedicate some time to research and bring you some of my favourite looks. I'm sure Kirsten Dunst herself has been out at a few shows so it'll be great to see what she wore. I was invited to go to the Look show at the new Westfield shopping centre for but unfortunately couldn't make it as I already had plans and it was a bit short notice!

I also cannot believe that I managed to get press accreditation for London Fashion Week as well. I was so surprised but also so annoyed that I hadn't arranged anything. I guess I didn't think I'd get any accreditation at all, I just did it as a last minute thing to see what would happen, but now I know for next year that I need to be super organised and save some money so I can take a trip to London!

Instead of travelling to the Look show I spent my Saturday 'filming' a video for a local competition that we're entering. We actually didn't do much filming as the weather was so rubbish and we had absolutely zero ideas. When the weather did finally clear we decided to go to lunch instead and grabbed about 10 minutes of footage before it got dark. We decided in the end, to take some old footage from our college days and edit it. When it's available for voting, I hope you'll all vote for us, it'd be great to win!!

Today has also been my day off and was originally going to be spent editing our film. Instead it's been a bit of a lazy one. Vince and I dropped my parents off at the airport as they're off to Majorca later and now we're watching last night's X Factor which is a bit of a let down. Tomorrow I might have a cheeky trip to town to spend some of my hard earnt pennies so I'll be sure to post about what I buy.

*Image courtesy of Socially Superlative


  1. This is a really gorgeous outfit, simplistic but feminine and classy :) loving polka dots atm! you've found some brilliant high street pieces to replicated it - I really love the earrings :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  2. Love they outfit Kirsten wore, simple but gorgeous! I really like that asos blouse x

  3. Love the outfitt!
    please follow meee and comment!

  4. Kirsten looks great, I'm really looking forward to seeing Melancholia as well. I love the Topshop blouse! x

  5. Love Kirsten's look, I really love the polka dot trend and the maxi skirt. Great post xx

  6. That polka dot blouse is on my whishlist for ages... it's just so bloody expensive! :(

    London Last Night

  7. Nice outfit! I like Kristen's style and your picks too :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  8. Ahh, Kirsten, you look so lovely. This is a very pretty, grown-up look but I don't think I could pull off a white maxi - there would be muck everywhere!

  9. Kirsten's style is always really interesting, love your interpretation of it. Yes, do come down to London next time for LFW!

  10. Those topshop shoes are to die for!!!!!!

  11. You've found some great pieces to mimic Kirsten's style, love maxi skirts at the mo!
    Em xx


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