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29 August 2011

Missguided MissTique & Models Own Blooboo

Before we start today's post, how about a little nail art? I've been meaning to post this for absolutely ages but I lost the Missguided MissTique nail polish after getting it free in a magazine. I finally discovered that it had rolled underneath my bed, silly.

Anyway, quite simple nails but I absolutely love the colour of it and I thought I'd use some cheeky Models Own Blooboo as well on the ring finger. :)

This past weekend hasn't been too eventful. Quite relaxing really. On Saturday night Vince and I visited our friends for a chilled out evening of chatting and watching TV/The Ugly Truth.

Sunday evening was spent at home 'looking after' Daisy. She fell asleep on me for absolutely ages, it's so funny just watching her and seeing all of the funny faces she pulls.

I also sat up and watched Muse play Reading festival...and wow. It was awesome! It reignited my love for Muse and now I'm downloading all of the songs that I love. In particular their performance of Stockholm Syndrome was amazing.

On Friday evening Vince and I also sat up and watched My Chemical Romance live at Reading and again, wowsers. My favourite band in the entire world only went and pulled out all the stops by getting Brian May up on stage with them. It really was a mouth hanging open type of moment.

Just watching it on TV was amazing so I can't imagine how mind blowing it was to actually witness it in real life. This is the type of thing that makes me kick myself every year for never going to festivals. One year I just need to bite the bullet and go!

Today has been spent walking miles through the high-street with mum and Daisy and doubling back on ourselves to go and get a drink from the local Costa Coffee. I do love their new flavoured iced teas, yum! We also had a quick visit to my Nans and now I'm absolutely knackered!

I was planning on sorting out my bedroom and seeing if there's anything I can sell. My room is starting to get messy and bug me so it needs a good sort! Keep your eyes peeled for a possible blog sale!


  1. I got the same Missguided nail polish free too - it's such a lovely colour although be warned, it stains your nails if you don't use a base coat :\ xx

  2. Those green colours are so nice, I may have to get some!

  3. Two lovely colours, they look great together.
    Gotta love Muse... x

  4. oooh both colours look lovely!

    Alice x

  5. Those two colours go really well together! I got the pink red Missguided colour and it's really nice :)

    I watched Muse too! It was really awesome as they played loads of songs I love, and it completely reminded me of when I saw them last year :D x

  6. I loved watching Reading- Pulp were great!

  7. Those two colours look lovely together.
    I haven't watched any of the Reading footage, it'll make me too jealous ha xx

  8. The blooboo is lovely - i was going to buy this but i already have a similar colour from Barry M. Both colours look really nice together. x

  9. Love those two colors, especially the lighter tone!!
    (you're also named after a fruit!!! :) except, my parents got a bit carried away with my sister and me...)

  10. Both colours are so nice!
    Kinda regretting selling my Reading ticket now :\ x

  11. I have Blooboo too but I found it was very easy to ruin once on my nails lol xx

  12. Really lovely nail polish colours. I'm a total Glastonbury addict but I've been doing university exams for the past two years - in 2013 I am ON IT!!! V is really close to my house as well but it's more expensive and just not as good so I can never bring myself to pay that much. We'll see how much I've saved up by next year!

  13. The nail polish looks great. I love the color and the slight change you've added to it. Really pretty! :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

  14. Love the nail polish colours, I really like painting the ring finger a different colour xx

  15. I love those nail colours. I also love the way you have done one nail a different colour. Will definitely vote for Style Clone.

  16. I love the accent-nail trend that's been going on! Yours look lovely, the two shades of green work really well together!

    x Michelle |

  17. oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3


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