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24 August 2011

Sticks and Bricks

A bit of a break from the A/W 2011 posts today to bring you a little nail art! I feel like I've lost my nail art mojo recently as I can never get the design looking good on my right hand or, like today, I make them look all pretty with stickers and things and then they go and fall off in a second!

I guess practice makes perfect doesn't it so I shall continue! I've been trying leopard print nails recently but am going to have to get my mum to do the 'spots' on the right hand as I keep smudging it all over the place. Bad times.

When I was on work experience last week I picked up these cool nail stickers in Savers for about £1.50. What a bargain! Then yesterday when I was shopping for Vince's birthday present, I picked up some cool little nail gems for £1 in Poundland. :) There's so many little gems to choose from, but I opted for the purple/pink stars and flowers on Models Own Utopia and Concrete Mixer.

Models Own are currently having an amazing sale with everything at 50% off on a minimum spend of £20. Unfortunately I don't have £20 to spare so I'm doing my best to keep off the website, but if you're lucky enough to have a bit of spare cash, use the code FIFTYFIFTY! Some people are spending hundreds of pounds on nail polishes which is a bit mad!

I went a bit OTT on the ring finger as you can see but I love the colours! Next time I'm going to try a more simple design! I have to be in the right mood for nail art though, which isn't very often!

Tonight Vince and I are off to watch The Inbetweeners movie. I've seen lots of people on Twitter talking about how good it is so I hope it lives up to the hype! I'll be reviewing it as well so will link you to the review once it's up!

Yesterday I spent the day shopping for Vince's birthday present. Obviously I picked up a few bits and pieces for myself from Interna├žionale which will feature in an upcoming post A/W Lookbook post. I was really impressed by the shop actually and think it's a great alternative to Topshop and New Look which are getting a bit too expensive these days!

On Friday my dear Vince will be turning 24 and we're off to our favourite Pan Asian restaurant so I'll try to remember to snap lots of pics as it's so lovely and there's more food than you can imagine. I'm quite a bad blogger really when it comes to photos. My camera is always too big and heavy to lug around all day and I always forget I have a smaller digital camera. I want to get lots more outfit posts up on the blog but need to scope out a blank wall somewhere in the house!

In the mean time, Vince has been a busy bee creating some new tunes for his new songwriting venture. Take a listen over at Vince Lowe Music because they are bloody amazing and he created them on his laptop in his bedroom! Genius!

P.S - Don't forget to enter my WendyHouse Giveaway!


  1. wow those are funky xx

  2. i love all your small decorations! so magical!!!

    jos xx

  3. Your nails look really cool, very cute indeed! :D Oh yes do let us know what the film's like, I've heard mostly good reviews :) xx

  4. Awesome nail deco, they look soo pretty!

  5. They look lovely, I love how you went all out on the ring finger :) x

  6. They look great! I'm tempted by the Models own sale too but alas I don't have any spare pennies til student loan day *hurry up* ha
    Rachelle xxx

  7. ooooh, concrete mixer looks lovely! i have the shade utopia, what a gorgeous pale lilac colour. :)

  8. cute stickers - I love Models Own nail varnish!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  9. Awe love this! Been meaning to pick up the Perfect 10 ones for ages. xo

  10. your nails look freaking cute!

  11. They look so cute! I don't have the patience for nail art!

    I also don't have any spare cash for the Model's Own sale :( I really want Utopia though! Might have to pop to Boots and get it.


  12. These are pretty! I must get myself to Poundland, I haven't been for ages!
    I placed an order with M/O yesterday - can't wait for it to arrive :D

  13. Those stickers and gems are so pretty! What a great buy :)

  14. I'm so excited for new season stuff! My dashboard is slowly filling up with AW lookbooks and I couldn't be happier (: Adore the coral shirt, plum shorts and the peeptoe wedge boots!


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