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8 August 2011

Warehouse A/W 2011

Afternoon! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Unfortunately Daisy went home yesterday evening, back to her mum and dad, boo! She is 5 weeks old today and she's already so pretty, with big blue eyes and a cute face. The weather wasn't too good over the weekend so we just stayed in and had some family round, all of them staying for hours because they were so enchanted with Daisy!

Tonight I'm off to my Nan and Grandad's house for my Nan's birthday. One of my little cousins is here to visit so I'll be seeing her too :)

Just before I go and get dressed, I wanted to show you all the new Warehouse Autumn/Winter 2011 Lookbook! I've done a lot of Lookbook posts recently and I'm hoping to do one big post of my ultimate looks, what do you think? I'm hoping to bring back some more weekly posts as I often find myself with 'bloggers block' but I'll have to have a think about what they will be. I'll try and bring the Weekly Wishlist posts back as well soon!

Anyway, this season Warehouse celebrates 35 years on the high-street and the new Autumn/Winter 2011 Lookbook contains a handful of great 'looks' and I've picked my favourite ones to show you below:

These campaign images above show some of my favourite and key looks from the season Lookbook. I love the layering, contrasting colours and tailoring. The looks are very structured and boyish, even with the dresses and this is very me! I'm loving the Autumn shades of berry reds and purples teamed with black jackets and faux leather. This is what the cold weather dressing is about for me!

The Lookbook images portray a teddy boy/mod style which is popular this season. I'm loving the jeggings and skinny jeans with loafers as this is a look I have perfected myself! The Lookbook contains a lot more colour than the campaign images and I'm loving some of the colour popping, such as the winter coats and tights.

All of the pieces are traditional and not too far out there. People of all ages could be seen in these clothes which is why I felt the need to write about this Lookbook. These are clothes I could see myself wearing and hopefully will be when I have a bit of spare cash!

What do you all think of the Warehouse A/W 2011 Lookbook? What are your favourite pieces from it?



  1. I'm really loving all the trends we'll have this Autumn :D I've already started buying some thick dresses and thinking about what colours will look good layered on top of each other as well. I really like the mod style in these images and the rusty red colours!

    The huge Lookbook posts sounds like a great idea :) Have fun at your nan and grandads! xxx

  2. lovely oufits! xx

  3. Love rich burgundy colors in Warehouse outfits :)

    classy & fabulous


  4. love the first 4 photos, so nice! i never usually look in warehouse...


  5. Love the look of this collection!

  6. I can't wait for AW! I love all the colours that are within the collections like burgundy, navy, green and reds!

  7. ah, you always pick out the best things! I am envious of your eye for style.

    xxx Irinja (

  8. Ooh, Warehouse isn't a brand I always pay a lot of attention to, in terms of lookbooks etc, but I've definitely got my eye on that red blazer, and I'm loving the plum & navy tones in those campaign images, I'm loving that kind of palette for this A/W.

  9. I always think Warehouse clothes look great in the lookbooks but the only time I have ordered anything, I returned it because I didn't like the quality. Perhaps it was just the pieces that I ordered but would be interested to hear what you think.

  10. I love all the colours! I so can't wait for autumn - the colours are always so nice and rich! xx

  11. They look great. I love the burgundy and blue colors and my fave is probably the first photo :)

  12. Love the look of all these, I agree, I love all the colours going on! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too :)

    Alice x

  13. Autumn really is upon us, isn't it? These are lovely. x

  14. Your post was very inspiring. I like your writing style...a LOT!

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  15. Love the outfit with the fur jacket.

    I hardly ever go into Warehouse I always think its quite expensive but they do have some lovely items.

    I bought a dress form there a few years ago and its still in brilliant condition and fits so nice I love it xx

  16. Love that collars are here to stay.

    Helen, X

  17. Love all these images and styling, makes me excited for it to be A/W! This summer was non-existent! I'm ready to bring my wooly jumpers and scarves out! x

  18. Love these photos!!
    Lovin' your blog aswell:D



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