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30 August 2011

August Favourites

I know every blogger is going to say it...but how is it the end of August already? Someone please enlighten me because this month has literally flown by! The summer weather is slowly disappearing and I was even wearing a jumper the other day!

Anyway, I have a few products to feature in this months 'Favourites' post that I've been loving...
Fudge Pump Up, Sebastian Volupt Spray, L'Oreal Oilixir

After having my hair cut by the guys at San Rizz for a Your Hair magazine photoshoot (ooh get me!), I'm happy to report that it now has a lot more volume. Luckily, the lovely girls at Your Hair magazine gave me a goody bag on my last day of work experience and it included the incredible Fudge Pump Up worth £7.65.

This has been a bit of a miracle hair product for me. As someone who's hair is always lank and straight, this has given it tons of volume. It's a nice mix between a gel and a foam and you only need a tiny pea sized amount. Once you have a small amount, rub your hands together and the gel expands into a foam before your eyes! Magic! This means it's bound to last absolutely ages and once it does run out, I'll definitely be purchasing some more!

While I use the Fudge Pump Up on the majority of my hair, I like to spray the Sebastian Volupt Spray on the roots to give it a bit of texture and volume. I think I purchased this from the Red magazine beauty sale for a few pounds, but can't be sure. It's worth around £15 and is a cute little gel spray. At times it sprays in sharp squirts that are a bit annoying but after a quick shake, I can get it to spritz my hair all over, which I much prefer. I'd certainly recommend this product as well, I didn't find it any good to start with but once my hair was a little shorter, it worked wonders.

In my goodybag I also got this cute pot of L’Oréal Professionnel série nature Oilixir worth around £15. This product is especially for dry hair which is great for me. Frequently nicknamed 'liquid gold', I spray into my palm and rub into my hair before washing and shampooing. You can also add a few squirts to your ends before blow drying to protect from damage.

I've used this before washing my hair and find that it leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny which is just what I want. These three products have really changed hair-care for me. I've always been someone that can't be bothered and now volumising products have really worked before but these products make me want to bother with my hair in the mornings. :)

Dove go Fresh deodorant

The new Dove Go Fresh range of deodorants are another new favourite of mine. A little while back there was a sweet promotion with Nails Inc and the new range of deodorants. I ending up having to get 4 of the roll on deodorants in order to get the two pots of nail polish. Roll on's annoy me a little bit so I went for the sprays instead and love them! One of the best deodorants I've used in a long long time! They don't leave my under-arms feeling sticky like a lot of others do. Would definitely recommend!

You would have seen the two products above on my blog very recently. You can see my review of the Sleek Make-up Storm i-Divine Palette HERE and you'll be able to see that I'm very impressed. I'm loving mixing up the different shades and trying out the caramel and beige shades which I would never usually wear.

It's my first proper eyeshadow palette and I think it's going to be a huge staple of my make-up bag. The shadows are rich and velvety and lovely to use. They blend extremely well and I'm keen to try the new Sleek Nude Collection which hits stores tomorrow!

I posted about the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum at the beginning of the month and it too has become a staple of my morning skincare routine. I was sent it for review so didn't pay for it but it is worth around £26.

I adore Elemis skincare and love the luxuriousness of it. I've become quite a fan of the Elemis Fresh Skin range, but I always want to make sure the skin around my eyes is kept healthy. I know I don't have to worry about ageing just yet but this is a great product to use to refresh the eyes and protect against sun damage which will definitely benefit me in the future. I would highly recommend this product and I'm surprised my mum hasn't pinched it from me yet!

There's quite a nice little mix of products here and they've all become must-haves for me. What have been your must-haves for August?



  1. Great review there Cherry, I've never tried that fudge hair thing, so I may have to try that out (if I have enough money over at the end of the month,ha!)

    This month? Urm, I got a new concealer that's fab (I'll be doing a review on it soon!) and obviously my false nails! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. I really enjoyed this post and will definitely be checking out the Fudge Pump Up and Loreal Oilixir. I keep bleaching my hair to get it platinum blonde so it's in need of a bit of love at the moment!

  3. Oh I need new deodorant I should try the Dove one. I cant believe it is the end of August, it scares me how quickly this year has gone.

  4. The whole year has flown by hasn't it! I'm hoping the Fudge Pump Up actually smells of fudge hah x

  5. Fudge pump up sounds amazing.. really need to get my hands on it as getting volume into my hair is a bit of a nightmare!
    & august really have gone ridiculously quickly!! x

  6. I shall try the Fudge pump us, I hope it does something amazing to this mess I've got...

  7. I love all dove products, they just smell so fresh and lovely!

  8. All the hair products look really good! x

  9. I love it when my blogger friends share their favorite products. I trust my friends' opinions more than anyone else's that I read online!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I always look for hair products that give volume but I don't need that much more of it - so backcombing does it for me. Bad for my hair though!

  11. I love dove deodrant and my ususal sure is running out so I may replace with this!
    I'm also loving the storm pallet, I use it pretty much every day for my lidz n' browz


  12. The hair products sound great!
    Love the sound of that Storm Palette too!

  13. you always have the best tips! Sounds like I'm going to have to find some of that oilixir. I just ran out of my oil treatment and I'm desperate to buy something new...I really hope they sell it here!
    Another great post, I am never disappointed!

    xxx irinja (


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