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1 July 2011

Hello Weston-Super-Mare!

I'm back in the glorious sea-side town that is Weston-Super-Mare and this is going to be where I live from now on. On Wednesday Vince and I moved out of our Southampton student house and back home. We're both currently living at our parent's houses but we're hoping to both find jobs and eventually find out own place together.

It still feels like we're only back for the Summer and we will be going back in September and come that time, it'll feel even weirder not being able to go back. I think I probably would have gone slightly crazy by then but at the moment I'm liking not having to do washing, food shopping and generally any boring chores. Now comes the more boring part of finding a job to keep me on my feet. It won't be a job relating to my studies just yet as I need something to bring some money in and it's very difficult to find a job in my chosen career. I've actually already applied at a supermarket and Pizza Hut, which was quite depressing. There are a few bar/restaurant jobs I've got to apply for and then I'll eventually trudge around the town with a handful of CVs ready to hand out.

When I got back I finally managed to get my old bedroom back! My sister swiftly moved in there as soon as I left for University but now she's moved in with her boyfriend ready for the arrival of the baby, I've been able to get back in there. My mum and dad have actually set it up very nicely for me. I've snagged her double bed which I wasn't sure about at first because the room isn't that big but I actually really like how it's set out. The wardrobes are massive, which is great for storing all my junk! The only thing that is a bit annoying is that there's no desk, but Dad has said that he will be making an office in the box room for us! I can't wait.

Yesterday my mum, sister and I all took a little shopping trip to a cute vintage style shop that I had no idea existed! They shouldn't have taken me in there at all as I'll end up buying loads in the future. Yesterday I brought a really cute heart bunting and a frame for the wall but there's so much more that I want!

So for all of you that are nosy parkers like me, here's my new room!



  1. Oh it must be so great not having to do all the chores, and eat home food ! :) Although on the other hand, there is the hard part of finding a job :P I'm sure you'll find something just for you that you will like and eventually even in your chosen area! :)

  2. Good luck with the job hunt! Your room looks really cosy.

  3. lovely room :D
    grats to the winner ;D

  4. love the bunting! I want some too! Moving home after living on your own can suck at times but there are definite benefits, and it took me about 18 months to get a job relating to my degree, don't loose hope as you've got soooo much talent! x

  5. Ooh wow I won! Thankyou so much! Good luck with the job hunt, hopefully youll find something good! xx

  6. The bunting and the frame are so cute! Good luck with the job hunt xx

  7. The bunting is so cute! Your room looks great!! :) x

  8. Your room looks great - very cute and not too small at all.

    Next summer when I graduate will be really weird - I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

  9. I love the bunting you got, it's so cute!
    I wish I had that much wardrobe space - I can't even shut my wardrobe doors anymore, think it's time for a clear out haha!

  10. Looks like you have made your room really cosy already. When I first left university I had to take anything as I wasn't living at home so needed a job quick. I worked washing up in a reastaurant. Really hard work with split shifts until 11pm at night, I always stunk of dishwater. Useful experience though even if it was just for a few weeks, before I started work in a call centre. Fingers crossed you get something sorted soon, don't give up on finding your dream job though

  11. that is sooo cute! the shop must have been really nice :D

    Jamilah X

  12. The plush hearts are oh-so gorgeous! <3

    Lost in the Haze


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