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15 July 2011

TK Maxx treats

I don't often 'pop in' to my local TK Maxx, but after doing so on the off-chance, I'm in there every time I'm nearby. I've finally discovered that they do have some really great stuff! From books and stationary which are my absolute favourites, to lots of lovely beauty and make-up products.

Yesterday I found these two little gems at £5 each! They seem to have a huge stock of Calvin Klein lipsticks and lipglosses at the minute, but after a bit of a rummage, I managed to dig these two eyeshadows out.

I should probably be more daring when it comes to eyeshadow as I usually always wear brown, but sometimes it's best to stick to what you know. Anyway, the first eyeshadow is a lovely sandy colour which is funnily enough, called 'Sandstone'. The other is a deep brown that comes in a lovely little package, titled 'Brown Velvet', and it really is very velvety.

I was quite surprised to find quite a few high-end make-up products just thrown on the shelves. I think these two eye-shadows work rather well blended together and they're bound to become my go to shadows!



  1. the colours are lovely! x

  2. i think your TK Maxx is like our TJ Maxx here in the states. can also find high end makeup products just thrown on the shelves, lol. good buy!

  3. They look nice! :)

  4. I love having a rummage in TK Maxx. Did you know they have started stocking Eyeko? I was shocked when I saw them in my local one! :) Lovely eyeshadows xxx

  5. I never find anything good in TK Maxx like this! Maybe I need to look harder? xx

  6. i've found tk maxx good for beauty! i get tonnes of hair stuff in there :) xx

  7. Is that the Weston one? I always find good things in there!

  8. nice buys! i'll have to pop into tk maxx more often! ronan xxx

  9. They look amazing, and they're not too expensive. I also use brown eye shadows a lot, cause I usually like a more natural look. :)

  10. I always see bloggers find such goodies in TK Maxx but on the rare occasion I go to my local one I come away empty handed! Maybe I am not rummaging enough!

    Love the colours, I too am a brown girl. They just seem to go so well with my skin tone!


  11. TK Maxx is the best place for bargains, you do have to hunt though. Lovely eye shadows x

  12. I was exactly the same, such a sceptic of TK MAXX until I took a look at their website a couple of months ago and was amazed at what I found!
    Liking the eyeshadows.

    Jamilah X

  13. nice shades ..seems to be quite good
    World Top Tenz


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