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13 July 2011

Cause you can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to start

Let's start off today's post with a little outfit photo, to show you the new top I purchased yesterday!

New Look Tee
Topshop Jeans
Matalan necklace

I'm not very imaginative when it comes to the bottom half of my outfit am I? It always seems to be jeans, jeans and more jeans. I would have worn my shorts but it just wasn't warm enough.

The top, which is from New Look, is really thin and requires a vest top underneath but I really love the pattern in it.

I know I shouldn't be spending money but some things are too lovely to resist. I also picked up a few Models Own products from Boots. I resisted getting the 2 for £8, making me spend £10 altogether instead of £13...

Both are very pretty and girly. I picked up the rather lovel Models Own Utopia polish, as well as one of the new Models Own Cream Eyeshadow in 'Pink Piper'. The eyeshadow is extremely soft and creamy and will make a great highlighter. I would even go as far to say I'd use this mixed with a bit of blusher as well.

I recently purchased two new rings. I think it's about time I stopped with the turquoise stone ones now as I have more than enough! They're so popular at the moment, as well as being extremely pretty.

As I mentioned above, I really need to stop spending money as I still don't have a job. There seems to be absolutely nothing in the area, which is really disheartening. I so want to start saving money towards a flat!

Tomorrow I'm off to the midnight viewing of Harry Potter (had to make an excuse to spend here!) and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm taking Vince along with me who I have converted to the world of Harry Potter. We're going up quite early to pick up our tickets and have some dinner before it starts. We're expecting there to be HUGE queues to ordering the tickets in advance will be a big help! The cinema is bound to be packed which means there will be a great atmosphere, I'm so excited! I'm sure I'll be blogging about it over the weekend!

I hope everyone who is going to see it, enjoys it! Eeeeh!


  1. That top is beautiful and I love your rings. I hope you get a job soon, I know how horrible the job market can be. Enjoy Harry Potter!

  2. Lovely outfit and I also wear jeans a lot. Love the rings! I think that tone of turquoise is becoming one of my favorites. :)

  3. i love your jeans, the perfect colour!

  4. i like that top, and the colour of your jeans too! i've had my eye on those ones.
    have fun at harry potter, i'm sure i'll be blogging about it too! x

  5. The top has an effect like crackle nail polish!

  6. Love the top.. and your jeans are an awesome colour!


  7. LOVE that Models Own nail polish, been wearing it all week (: Super excited for Harry Potter tomorrow night too, I'm going at about 10:30pm/11pm to beat the crowd hahaha. xx

  8. You have a lovely blog, very beautiful. And I liked too much the photos. Congratulations *-*

    Luana Espindola

  9. loving the colour of the jeans - I want a piar just like that, definately going to be hunting around in new look soon :)
    & both rings are completely gorgeous!! X

  10. Really lovely outfit and the rings are stunning! I really want some coloured jeans!!x

  11. Looking gorgeous missus :) great models own choices too! I hope you enjoy harry potter, im off on holiday tomorrow, and hope to go see it when Im back so hopefully the madness surrounding it will have calmed a bit by then but I very much doubt it :p xx

  12. The colour of those jeans is gorgeous! Plus lucky you seeing HP - I've yet to get a chance!

  13. great tee and turquoise ring ;)


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