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10 July 2011

Missguided Aubrey Waterfall Kimono Jacket

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure why this is called a Kimono, as it's not really anything like a traditional Japanese Kimono is it? I guess the closest it gets to being one is down to it's floaty sleeves, but whatever it is or isn't, I ordered the Missguided Aubrey Waterfall Kimono Jacket in Navy Ditzy Print for £18.99.

It's not something I'd usually wear if I'm honest, but it looked so pretty on the website and after seeing Becca wearing something similar, I knew I had to have one! I completely ripped off the styling of the jacket from the Missguided website and wore it with black skinny jeans and a strapless top. Sometimes you can find promo codes for similar styles online.

Am still not happy with my outfit photos, they're just never as good quality as other blogger's. Hopefully you can see the prettiness of the jacket, it's very thin so great for windy Summer days which happens a lot around here.

This blog post is not only to brag about my new purchase, it's also a chance for me to post a quick catch up as I haven't posted at all in a few days. Again, this has been a bit of a weird week. On Monday my lovely niece was born and then on Thursday I had to have my cat put to sleep, which was so so sad! The Vet said he had a seizure. :(

I heard a huge meow from the cupboard under the stairs where he always used to go and there was poor Monster (great name huh?) laying on the floor in pain. We quickly got him out and he was still breathing slowly, he kept meowing and gasping every now and then which was horrible to watch. We thought it wouldn't be long but he actually made it to the vets. The Vet said he wouldn't of been aware that he was having a seizure as his brain was in some sort of coma state. It was so awful to watch, we had to have him put to sleep so he wasn't in any more pain. He couldn't move at all and I don't think anything would have saved him.

He was a bit of a fighter though, it took three injections until he actually went. I couldn't help but burst into tears, it was so upsetting. I had him for 11 years! :( Most people don't understand things like this because it's 'just a cat' but they really become part of the family!

Sorry to put a downer on things! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've lost a bit of my blogging motivation recently. I guess it's because I have literally been doing nothing all day long. I really need to get on with a job search!


  1. wow that's a nice cardigan! :D

    xxx London <3

  2. I really like the cardigan you got. I need to get some more myself. And I agree, it doesn't actually look like a Kimono, but it's really pretty! :)

    And I'm so sorry to hear about your cat!

  3. this blouse ( cardigan ) is awesome! very cute print)

  4. Aw bless your little cat! It's never "just a cat" is it? My cat is amazing and like a little furry best friend, I can't imagine life without her now!

    The jacket looks nice! Bet it's a lovely material. Which bit of your outfit photos aren't you happy with? You could try outfit photos against a plain wall or nice bit of garden if you have one ;-)

    Dayner x

  5. Awhh I have wanted something like that for so long now! Might have to copy and buy it, looks lovely on! Am really sorry to hear about your cat, we have 5 at home and I am such a cat person, I know how you feel :( remember him with purrs <3

  6. So sorry to hear about your cat, I know how upsetting it can be to lose a pet. Thinking of you

  7. That's really pretty! I think it looks nice on you c: I think if you added a nice belt to your waist, it would look even more pretty!

    Haha, and don't worry about not having 'good quality pictures' like the other bloggers! Yours are as cute! Just remember to be yourself and have fun! That's all that matters, really * w *

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  8. LOVE the cat pic! love love LOVE! <3

  9. Losing a pet is awful. I really feel your pain and I totally understand as I have often heard "he was only a hamster", but he lived in my room for 3years!
    If you want to chat about it nab me on twitter! Hope you and your family are ok! x

  10. I'm with Charli I get "just ahamster" when my beloved hammy died a few years ago, since then I got Sidney and he is 2 and a half, very old and slow and it breaks my heart each day he is my bestfriend pets just are! It's sad but you always have the fond memories! Just remember you gave them the BEST life! xxx

  11. love your cardigan/kimono, whatever it is :)

    i just saw your comment on circusbox's giveaway about how writing 'enter me' on people's blogs is a bit embarrasing, and i just about died with laughter, so i thought i'd come and visit your blog.

    i'm glad i did! followed :)

  12. Love your jacket. Aww it really is a shame about your kitty but at least they said he wasn't in any pain. Animals really do become a part of the family and it's heartbreaking when anything happens. One of mine is 14 now and I dread the day anything happens to her :( xx

  13. Love the jacket on you. there is no way that a pet cat is just a cat! My cat is super old now and I just don't even want to think about life without him. *hugs* xx

  14. I love the cardigan/jacket/kimono!


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