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6 July 2011

Just a small haul!

Over the past two weeks or so I've been picking up a few little bits and pieces. Of course, the Topshop sale attracted me like a moth to a flame and I picked up two tops that I have been after FOREVER! The first is the popular Peter Pan collar short/blouse. I actually tried this on in my size before but didn't like the length of it as it's slightly short/cropped. I ended up buying it in a size 16 instead of a 10 as I preferred it to be a little looser fitting on me.

I also picked up this camel long-sleeved top which I've been after for ages as well. I already have the top in a blue (which is also in the sale, boo!) and it's one of my go-to pieces when I can't be bothered to think about what to wear!

I also picked up the Due Eyeshadow in Thunder. Again, I brought the Greyscale duo a while back for the full price which is a bit annoying! If only I had waited a few weeks!

Yesterday I had a lovely little rummage around the local shops. I checked out TK Maxx and found a load of cute notebooks that I now wish I had brought! Sometimes I'll buy things and just think 'oh what the hell, if I want it then why not' but yesterday I was in one of those 'do I really need this?' moods which meant I didn't buy anything. They even had a copy of The Secret Garden with a special cover that I put back as well, can't believe it! I might need to revisit!

I did however buy a few bits in Boots, how could I not? Over the past few days I've been using a combination of salt spray and mousse to try and give my hair a bit of volume, but no matter how much I use, it still seems to remain flat and lifeless. After seeing Zoe blog about an Umberto Gianni product that was great for volumising hair, I had to check out their products. I was initially going to buy the same one that Zoe suggested but a smaller, cheaper product caught my eye instead. It's supposed to give great volume through scrunching which I usually do with my hair so I'm eager to see if it works.

I also picked up a tinted moisturiser. I'm quite lazy and can never be bothered to do a full face of make-up every day so this will be great for just a little coverage. I'll try to review it soon! I also picked up and put a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume into my basket but ended up taking it out again! I couldn't justify the £45 it costs so instead, I picked up another Harajuku Lovers perfume which was on sale for £7.99! Although the packaging and bottles are a bit childish, I quite like the scents. I have a full size one which I got for Christmas and really like so this will make a nice change!

As Matalan is right next door to Boots it would be rude not to go in wouldn't it? As soon as I got in, I spotted these cute Bird print shorts. If you remember, I posted an outfit of me wearing a grey pair of shorts which I also picked up from Matalan and these are the same loose fitting style so I knew instantly that I had to have them!

And last, but not least, I had to sweep up these cute slippers! My current ones are huge boot like things that are way too annoying and hot to be wearing in the summer so these are perfect!

I really should stop spending unnecessarily but shopping does make me happy and I think as most of the things were in the sale then it's ok! :)

Before I go I just quickly want to say a big thank you to everyone for their good wishes on the last post regarding Daisy! It's lovely to have a new baby in the family and I'm glad I'm not in Southampton missing her growing up!


  1. Nice haul! I'm not a fan of tops that are too cropped either. I didn't even look at make up in the sale, whish I had now! Do let us know whether the scrunching thing works, I wouldn't mind more volume to my hair either! xx

  2. Those shorts are lovely! Hope to see a post with you wearing them soon! :) xx

  3. love the collar on that topshop top!


  4. I really like those shorts. And I'm looking forward to your review on that tinted moisturizer. Do you know any other good tinted moisturizers?

  5. Fab purchases, love the perfume the best - my little sis has a collection of them, they are the cutest x

  6. I love both of the tops! Congratulations on becoming an auntie :) Daisy is so cute! :) x

  7. sometimes you just need to splurge! and if it's on sale...then it's fine! I like using volume powder on my roots, its only really good for 'event hair' as once it's in you cant drag your fingers through it!

  8. SO JEL, i love everything! x

  9. Nice haul! I wish there was more TopShops here in the US... Love the top!

    All the best, Angel

  10. What a great haul! I love the peter pan collar top, I like to buy a bigger size too as think a looser fit is really flattering! x

  11. It's so annoying seeing things in the sale that you bought full price a couple of weeks ago!

    Yay for Peter Pan collars :)


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