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30 June 2011

Glossybox June 2011

After the impressive first batch of Glossy boxes, I was worried that the next would be disappointing. I have to say I'm 50/50 about the June 2011 box. Many other bloggers have displayed great disappointment with their boxes and I kind of cannot blame them.

What was in the box:

  • Mama Mio Omega Body Buff

  • Kind, but effective, this gentle blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and micro-ground Pumice remmoves dead skin cells and encourages renewal. Skin this touchable is addictive!

  • Lalique - Perles de Lalique

  • Hello, old-school glamour! Up the ante with Perles, a traditional and glamorous chypre, using natural raw material from around the world. We adore the art-deco inspired flacon, a must for any femme fatale's dressing table!

  • Batiste Original

  • A trusted summer must-have: Batiste Dry Shampoo Original in this hands handbag size is perfect for refreshing your style wherever you are! Extend the life of your blow-dry or add some texture to slick hair. Batiste will leave your hair smelling and looking fabulous!

  • BioEffect EGF Serum

  • Feel the full effect of Epidermal Growth Factor, Iceland's best-kept beauty secret! A veritable potion of youth - BioEffect's EGF Serum stimulates the growth of new skin cells, resulting in a great complexion, hydrated and overall younger looking skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

  • OPI Designer Series Mini Nail Lacquer

  • Perfect to set off your tan, OPI's Designer Series nail lacquer comes in glittering, glamorous shades crowned with diamond dazzle for June.

    After the first box, we were all expecting some equally good products and we did get two that are worth quite a lot of money, but I think that fact has been over looked because bloggers are very unhappy with the mini can of Batiste dry shampoo. I am 100% on their side with this product because it is not luxury and Batiste is personally not a product that works for me. This can will probably end up gathering dust in the draw or I'll end up giving it to someone else.

    Of course, the first batch of boxes was a clever ploy to draw people in and it's silly to think we could expect top boxes all the way through. I think once things settle down, people will realise that we did get a few nice products. The Perles De Lalique perfume looks very expensive even for a sample size, I love the cute art-deco bottle and the scent is definitely something I can wear every day. Personally, it's a little old granny like but once it's on it's not too bad.

    The BioEffect EGC Serum is actually worth £30, with the full size product retailing at £125 so we got quite a bargain there. Some bloggers got a different fifth product, I personally got an Mama Mio Omega Body Buff which I was also 50/50 about, I've seen this range in Debenhams and I wouldn't say it's particularly luxurious either, however I think I will give it a try as I do love skin and body products!

    As for the OPI mini polish, the one I received is the same one that appears in the Katy Perry collection, which I was a little disappointed with because I already have it! I saw that a few other bloggers got a silver/sparkle polish which I would have preferred!

    It's a shame that bloggers have been disappointed by this months box because there is such a hype about them as it gets closer to them being delivered. I kept telling my boyfriend to make sure he answered the door as I didn't want to miss it and now I feel like it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

    A lot of bloggers have made their feelings known publicly on Twitter and their blogs and Glossy Box haven't seemed to take much notice. They apparently deleted negative comments on their facebook pages and have put up one message regarding people's unhappiness. They are a nice friendly bunch on Twitter but they have completely ignored their customers disapproval which is a shame. GlossyBox also announced that from September they will be charging £2.95 for delivery which was even more off-putting as it was never mentioned at the beginning that delivery could be charged in the future.

    As I no longer have a job, I may continue with July's box and maybe even August's but from September I'm not sure I will continue my subscription with GlossyBox. It is fun to receive a nice box every month but I still haven't even used all of the products in the first box! It's nice to try some new things every now and then but I don't want to be snowed under with useless products. I have enough!

    It seems that Glossy Box may also have a rival very soon in form of Boudoir Prive who will be giving away 6 luxury sample products every month for £10.

    I really hope things pick up for GlossyBox and that Boudoir Prive also don't end up annoying their subscribers by not preparing them for delivery charges in the future. As I said, I may keep my subscription for a month or two and see how things go!


    1. I'm totally with you (and the others who were disappointed) with Batiste. I love Batiste, but I wouldn't expect to receive a can in a box that promises samples of luxury products! Not to mention it's a mini can!

    2. hmmm a little dissapointing but still a clever idea!

    3. such a shame this months was diappointing. The Opi polish looks great! I had never heard of batiste but probably wouldn't use it either. Perhaps handy for a festival!

    4. I was going to order a glossy box but then I heard about the postage and the batiste and was completely put off! I wish I'd got the very first one with the Nars in but I can understand that they wont always be able to supply well known products (batiste aside...!) Even so, it is a good idea and I'll be checking out boudoir prive! The nail varnish looks gorgeous but what a shame you already have it! Let us know what your next one contains :)

      Fashion Stereotype

    5. Thanks for reviewing them for us. Maybe the next one won't be that disappointing :)

    6. I was tempted to subscribe after hearing reviews about the first box. I didn't get the June box but I would have been dissappointed too.

      Hopefully, the July box will not dissappoint. I have a feeling it will be a good box after all the complaints. I'll sign up for next month's but i'm tempted by their competitor too! 6 items for the same price - yes please!!!! x

    7. I agree with you too - I think the Batiste was a bit, well, rubbish really!

      I received a shower gel as my 5th item that wouldn't have been out of place at my Nannys house, it was pretty rank tbh!

      I did like the OPI nail polish and the perfume however.

      I can see both sides of the coin, but I think the added postage is a bit of a joke, especially as it wasn't mentioned from the beginning.

      It was my first box, I think I will wait for July and Augusts "offerings" and then will probably cancel my subscription after that :(

      Clare x


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