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7 July 2011

Top Ten Nail Polishes

This post has been lingering around for a while. When I get an idea for a blog post I always like to quickly create a post with a title and go back to it later. Now is the time to come back to my Top Ten Nail Polishes post!

Quite a while ago I posted pictures of my nail polish collection but since then it has grown dramatically! So I thought I'd post an update of my collection as well as my top ten nail polishes!

All my nail polishes are currently residing in two Soap & Glory gift bags that I got for Christmas. They're still awaiting a lovely new storage shelf that I've asked my dad to make but I'm not sure he knows just how much storage will be needed!

The Collection

Models Own

Nails Inc

Barry M



Other, including Accessorize, 17, Miss Sporty, Rimmel, Collection 2000, Beauty UK

So there you have my entire collection of polishes. I genuinely can't believe how many I have, it's insane! Here are my top ten:

Barry M: Cyan Blue & Grey

Nails Inc: Denim & Caramel

OPI: Last Friday Night & Teenage Dream

Nails Inc: Kate
Models Own: Prussian Blue & Purple Grey

Barry M was probably the first nail polish brand I really invested in but now my ultimate favourites are Models Own and Nails Inc. Models Own are very well priced and have lovely packaging while Nails Inc is a little more expensive, but as I've mentioned previously, I've never paid full price for these ones.

I absolutely love greys and nude polishes for my nails and the Models Own Prussian Blue really has such a lovely finish, it's high up on the top ten list!

What are your favourite polishes?


  1. WOW YOU HAVE A LOT. The OPIs look SO good :o x

  2. WOW I cant believe how many you have!! xx

  3. Oh wow what a great collection! I love the Prussian Blue by Models Own

  4. I don't feel as bad about my collection now knowing theres someone else with just as many :)
    gorgeous polishes!! x

  5. Wow, an impressive collection! I wish I had as many. I need to get some more Models Own polishes, they seem to be my favourite so far :)

  6. I'm so impressed with the Barry M ones! Insane! love it x

  7. wow! Im super jealous of your collection! The nails inc caramel looks an amazing colour!


  8. Amazing collection! I really the Denim & Caramel colors from Nails Inc. So pretty!

  9. I wish I could bring myself to spend more on nail polish than barry m level. These are lovely! x hivenn

  10. And I thought I had a lot! I am MEGA impressed. x

  11. OMG What an impressive collection! Last Friday Night & Teenage Dream look gorgeous! I think my favorite nail polish brand would be Barry M, I love Mushroom (:

  12. And people say my collection is large..


  13. I love this post & I want your collection please :) xx

  14. Ohh u have a few that I have been dying to try :) Lucky Lady

  15. omg, i'm just the same! i have sooo many nail polishes! xx

  16. Wow, what a collection! And I thought I had heaps... nice work, girl! Haha x

  17. That's a lot of polish! Love the Barry M collection. I'm really starting to love Topshop nail varnishes, they have some amazing colours. Nails Inc don't really do it for me, they tend to chip too easily... but I haven't tried Models Own so I think I'm going to have to!

  18. wow, your collection is fantastic. i am a fan of OPI and Essie.

  19. Definately am a Nails INc girl! :) Could you follow my blog? xx

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