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25 July 2011


Have wanted to try Ombre nails for such a long time now and seeing as I have so many nail polishes, I thought I'd have more than enough shades to attempt this! I'm quite happy with how they turned out but my god, how messy are my nails? They're horrible and short which means the polish goes all over my skin, not good.

17 Fast Finish in 'Catwalk Couture'
Barry M in 'Turuoise'
Barry M in 'Cyan Blue'
Collection 2000 in 'Show Off'
Barry M in 'Cobalt Blue'

Nails Inc in 'Heather Grey'
17 Lasting Fix in 'Parma Violet'
Barry M in 'Orchid'
Barry M in 'Bright Purple'
Barry M in 'Vivid Purple'

Barry M in 'Mint Green'
Nails Inc in 'Haymarket'
Collection 2000 in 'Boho'
Beauty UK
Models Own in 'Slate Green'

Tomorrow I'm off to London for the Debenhams Christmas press show! I'm really looking forward to it as well as spending a bit of time in London with Vince. I think we're going to check out Chinatown and probably pick a spot on the tube map and go exploring! I will definitely have a post up about the trip by the end of the week! 

Over the weekend, my mum and dad were entrusted with my niece Daisy which they were very happy about. I did manage to pull her away from my mum and get some cuddles in and watch her make funny faces in her sleep. She is still so tiny and only three weeks old today but it feels like she has been with us forever!

Anyway, it's time to watch a bit of Only Fools and Horses on TV...hope you all enjoy the rest of this surprisingly sunny Monday! 

Ta ra!



  1. I love doing ombre nails, especially using blue polish :-)

  2. i've never done ombre nails before, but it looks amazing, especially the purple ones :)

    elizabeth x

  3. Ohh I love this nail trend, I definitely want to give this a go!! x

  4. I love all the greens, looks great! Christmas press show?! Craziness. Enjoy London! xx

  5. thanks for the comment hun :}
    i love this nail art trend, i wanna do mine like this later, looks ao ace and black to white would look pretty cool also :] xxx

  6. I love this nail trend but don't have enough similar polish colours to try it, oh well :P I think you selected some great colours and pulled it off really well! I don't think your nails are bad at all either :) xxx

  7. ombre looks amazing. x

  8. Oooh I love ombre nails, and these are really nice! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  9. aw, love love love! these are so cute, wish I had more nail polishes to do this. and don't worry, you should see my nails haha x

  10. Great colours they are all lovely.

    I love Only fools and horses lol xx

  11. This is a really cute look, I haven't done anything creative with my nails for ages x

  12. Love these, the blue ones are my favourite x

  13. These all look lovely, I particularly like the blue! x

  14. Minty green is my favourite color I love those nail polishes, I need to do this to my nails too! x

  15. They look Gorgeous!


  16. ooooh the gree looks good x

  17. I love this trend and you certainly have a good collection of polishes there. have fun in London. x

  18. I've been meaning to do this for a while as I really love how it looks but I never seem to have the right shades :)
    loving the blue and green ones!! x

  19. your blog is A-mazing. i am now following. hope you can follow back.

  20. oh love this look!
    the green is my fave

  21. I am in love with your nail polish collection, i wish i had that much!
    XOXO Becca

  22. Hi, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you stop by again soon!

    I'm noe following you.

    The doll on fashion

    Enter my giveaway to win a ZARA leather bag!

  23. I love having ombre nails! :) My fave here are definitely the blue and the green - they work really well together :)

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  24. The ombre nails look really good xx

  25. I love these! I really want to try it out too :)

  26. wow love the look of these especially the bluey/green ones, i'm going to have to try this out!

  27. ombre nails- that's such a cool idea!
    thanks for your comment!

  28. Lovely Nails! New Follower here, but I'm also from Weston! Yay! :D xxx

  29. Love the top ones most, definitely a look I'll be trying!
    Sara xx

  30. Wow... Very good collection of nail polish! I love this nail trend! I particularly like the blue.. and I really want to try it out too!


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