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17 July 2011

The boy who lived...

So it's all over.

But is it really? Of course, there aren't going to be any more new Harry Potter books or films, but I, like millions more, will continue to read the books and watch the films over and over again. Harry Potter is going to be the sort of thing that lives on forever, that we will read to our children and who will hopefully read to their children as well. It's never really going to be the end, not really.

On Thursday I went to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and it was amazing! I've never been to a midnight screening before but it was nice to be in the company of fellow fans who knew not to talk through-out and crunch their popcorn loudly to annoy other people. Everyone was completely engrossed in the film, they cried and sniffled all the way through, let out squeals and 'aww's at the right times and even clapped at the end - not something that happens in reserved Britain.

The film was fast paced and thrilling and I'm actually quite glad that they split the final book in to two films. If they hadn't it just would have been too crammed and a lot would have been missed out.

I was a little disappointed that a big deal wasn't made about Fred Weasley's death, I mean, we saw him lying on the floor and everyone crying around him etc but I feel that a little more could have been made on the aftermath of his death and how it affected everyone. The same goes for Tonks and Lupin.

The 19 years later section was really interesting and I think they got the kids just right! Harry and Ginny did look older but I think Ron and Hermione still looked their age. Other than these two slight disappointments, I still thought that the film was brilliant. When the DVD comes out it might feel a lot more final than it does at the moment, but as I said before, Harry Potter is going to outlive us all.


  1. Someone at the screening I went to ran down the aisle shouting "trooolllll in the dungeon!" haha
    I thought they would have made a bit of fred's death too but I guess there was a lot to pack in to the film. Personally I didn't like the 19 years later thing, I didn't like it in the book either, but I didn't think they did a very good job of making them look older at all!
    It's been really lovely to find out that so many bloggers are fans of HP too! x

  2. I haven't watched the harry potters mainly because I read the first few books and the first film just seemed so crap compared but I sort of want to watch them now x

  3. I still haven't finished all HP books so haven't seen any of the movies yet, I need to catch up.

  4. I haven't seen the film yet - althoguh I am such a massive fan, and I've heard quite a few people say that they're dissapointed with Fred's death scene :( The same goes with Tonks and Lupin, but that was the same in the book - they only got a mention when Harry saw their bodies :( xx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I'm a huge harry Potter fan but I never seem to like films that are based on books, especially if I've read the book so I've only seen the first one or two films:)

  6. Aaaah, HP is such a pillar of our generation's childhood, and although it will quite probably outlive us all, I'm glad we got to experience the anticipation of the book and film releases and discovering what happens first.

  7. I went to see it on Friday morning with 150 thirteen year olds which was so lovely - there was lots of applause!

  8. so much love for harry potter,, i haven't actually seen it yet but super excited! it feels like my childhood, don't want to say goodbye! xxxx

  9. Ah wow, you were one of those at the midnight screening eh!
    Great post cherry :)

    Thanks for my recent blog comment, I hardly ever get time to have a browse but it's been nice catching up with your blog.

    Have you seen my July giveaway yet? It's a fab necklace, make sure you enter. You'll love it.

  10. even though i know what happens I CANNOT wait to see the film! Im soooo excited! AGGGHHHHH!

    Great review

    Rianna xxxx

  11. I can't wait to see it at the cinemas! Soooo excited, thanks for blogging about it. has geared me up even more! x

  12. great review of harry potter! :)


  13. OMG fred dies :O
    I cannot wait to see it!
    Great review! Love how you say its 'fast paced' - as if harry potter could ever be any other way :P

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