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21 July 2011

Large amounts don't grow on trees, you've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

I'm finally able to show you the top I picked up in the Topshop sale not too long ago. I picked up a size 16 which isn't my usual size but I think it looks ok? I prefer it to be a bit loose fitting!

I feel like I never write proper blog posts anymore, not about anything that is actually going on in my life anyway. I guess being unemployed, there isn't really that much that is going on (other than watching Fools and Horses re-runs on BBC1! Yes!) but I thought I'd post today as a quick catch up.

On Tuesday I was supposed to have a trial as a waitress at a fish and chip restaurant on the sea-front but naughty me, I didn't go. I don't know what it was but I really just didn't want to work there. I know I should have gone to the trial because it's money at the end of the day but I'm holding out on an internship I've applied for and I don't want to go through all the hoo-haa of starting a new job, only to leave because something else has come up. Saying that now, I probably won't get the internship at all! It was probably the wrong decision not to go but it's tough now! I'm sure something else will come along. :)

I'm still living off my holiday pay from my previous placement and it's quite a surprise that I have anything left to be honest. I guess the town centre doesn't have as great a lure as Southampton did because there are just no decent shops around for me to spend my money in. I recently got another payslip from my old work telling me that more holiday pay was on it's way so hopefully when I look at my bank account tomorrow there will be a bit extra in there! Woo!

On Tuesday Vince and I are off to London for the day. I was invited to the Debenhams Christmas Press show and I didn't fancy going on my own so Vince is going to come along too. They even said he's allowed to come in with me! Not that he will be very interested in what's there but I won't feel like such a loner! I'm quite looking forward to it and we're hoping to have a nice dinner somewhere and do a bit of exploring!

Tonight I'm off to the Playhouse Theatre with my mum to see Oliver! It's my mum's favourite musical so I thought I'd better take her with me. I was recently contacted by and asked if I would like to review events for them so seeing Oliver! is my first mission for them! I've never actually been to the Playhouse before which is shocking. I've only ever seen Panto and The Producers on Broadway in New York so I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure my mum will point out anything that's wrong or that might be cut out and I'll probably have to put up with her singing along as well! Wish me luck!



  1. oooh great top! Very retro, I like ;) I also tend to wear sizes way higher than I actually am, loose shirts go so well with skinnies.

    xxx Irinja (

  2. I love the top! And fingers crossed for you with the internship

  3. Have a great time on your day trip to London. I would love to visit there one day.

  4. That blouse is absolutely stunning! I am loving the peter pan collar and delicate detailing. And good luck on getting the internship. I worked as a server for five or so years and it wasn't very enjoyable at all. I am sure you will get the internship! xx

  5. The top is so cute love the curvy hem line. . .have fun at oliver and don't visit that chippy first :) xx

  6. definetly love ths shirt!!!

  7. Like the top, looks very nice. I haven't really bothered with the sales this year, just not feeling it. Hope the internship comes good.

  8. I love your blouse!

  9. Enjoy Oliver! I haven't been to the playhouse in years!

    Love that blouse x

  10. Good luck for the internship! What is it for? x

  11. Good luck with the review. I need a job when I get back home and although I really want to be picky I know I can't afford it :( our local pizza takeaway is hiring - haha.... but I might apply to other places first.

  12. blouse is really pretty, you're lucky to find stuff in the topshop sales, round here everything decent has gone in the first day!


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