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24 July 2011

Rosamund Lupton: Afterwards

It's taken me quite a while to get round to reviewing this book. Sometimes you need a little while for it all to really sink in. Time to digest the story and work it out in your head. Or sometimes you're just too lazy and simply haven't bothered to review it yet. I'm probably the latter, I finished it about two weeks ago now and my 'current read' section has been left out of date!

After reading 'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton, I literally could not wait to get my hands on this book. Someone had told me that it was on offer somewhere so I wanted to wait but I just couldn't, I had to read it right away because I knew it would be brilliant.

And I was right. It was brilliant. Even more brilliant than 'Sister'.

I really don't want to give too much away so I'll just say that the main characters in the story end up in a terrible, life threatening situation and the story really kicks off during their time at the hospital. I have never read a book that has been through the eyes of a character in the way that this book was.

Main character Grace lays unconscious in hospital in a coma while her daughter Jenny is on another ward in a similar state. The two characters 'spirits' (that's the only way I can really describe them) leave each of the bodies and wonder the hospital wards together, looking down on their families as they go through the turmoil of seeing their loved-ones in such a state.

I personally thought this was such an original take on the story and as the reader I really felt that I was looking down on the hospital wards with them. Much like, 'Sister,' this book was a bit of a 'murder mystery' type, albeit with actual no murder, and I really love that! Rosamund Lupton has such a way of putting you off the scent in the 'whodunnit' that you end up being really surprised when it's finally unveiled!

Emotionally, the book was a real roller-coaster and at times you just want to scream at some of the characters and you're constantly willing them to wake up. However, not all books work with a simple happy ending and 'Afterwards' ending is one that will leave you with a real mixture of emotions and a few days are needed afterwards to really digest everything.

Like I said, this book was one of my favourites and I cannot wait to get my hands on Rosamund Lupton's next offering! I would highly recommend this book to everyone.



  1. I read this a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely LOVED Sister but the suprise ending (you know which bit I mean) shook me, and I was worried it may end up being similar. It's a brilliant book, and I love the different perspective that using 'spirits' gives the book! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  2. I'm really interested in this :D I usually read fantasy books but from time to time I'll pick up something more serious and realistic. Only problem is I can get really affected by a character's emotions to the point where I will take them on myself! ): Not good for my bf if I've just read a book where the protagonist is angry a lot :P xxx

  3. This sounds like a lovely book, just the type of thing I love. I'll have to look out for it! <3

  4. I finished this book a few days ago and I agree with you, it is brilliant. Although I liked Sister better, but it's still great!


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