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14 May 2011

Playing my songs is the way I cope with life

Well, after Blogger well and truly messed things up with everyone's posts this weekend, it's better to just move on and get on with a new one. Blogger mayhem aside, how has everybody's weekend been so far?

Tonight, while watching Eurovision (how funny was it that Jeward beat Blue?) I had a little play around with my blog and ended up changing it completely. The name 'Writer Extraordinaire' didn't really apply to me anymore as I barely showcase any of my writing work anymore, so something a bit more fun and less serious was needed. Unfortunately is already taken, but hasn't been updated since 2001! How annoying.

Vince and I ventured into town earlier today, even though we ALWAYS say we shouldn't go on a Saturday because it's so busy. I decided to get my eyebrows waxed, simply because I am too lazy to stand at the mirror for an hour plucking them. It was £8 and it only took about 10 minutes and I'm actually really happy with the results, so I really must try and keep it up! They're a little more arched than I'm used to as well as thinner. The beautician thought I preferred them to be thicker but I quickly pointed out that they were only bushy because I'm too lazy to do them which made her laugh.

I also ventured into Debenhams to have a look at all of the beauty counters and was quickly hooked in by the male 'beautician' at the Smashbox counter who kept going on about their new products. I was actually interested until he told me the primer I just tried was £30...think I'll still to my £5 Maybelline one thanks.

I picked up a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume...or at least, that's what I thought it was. It turned out I actually picked up a Body Butter and didn't realise until I'd opened it so now I can't return it. So, now I'm selling it on eBay for almost half the price I paid for it. I can't believe how stupid I am, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. I really need to start paying attention to what I'm buying. If you're interested in the Body Butter or any of the items I'm selling, including Smashbox, MAC and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, check out my eBay page HERE.

I should have up an interesting review post for you on Monday for a lovely new product I received so see you then! Happy Eurovision night!


  1. just shows that blue is well past it's best :s
    and loving the new header - very pretty!
    Flora x

  2. the new layout looks fab! When I'm back on my laptop I will try and remember to put your button on my blog xx

  3. Loving the new name and layout, amazing what a difference it can make to how you feel about your little online space right?!

  4. Love the new name and header!
    And I went to a Eurovision party last night which was fun. I picked Azerbaijan out of the hat so was obviously ecstatic haha :)

    Rosie x

  5. Absolutely love the new layout, it looks amazing :)

  6. The new header is very pretty! :)
    I watched Eurovision also! I reckon the guy from sweden was so cute!


  7. i did the same thing to kate moss perfume! and i like the new name to your blog :-)



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