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7 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am home! Only for the weekend though. Vince and I haven't come home in SO long, so when he finally got the car fixed and Taxed, we decided to have a little trip home for the weekend. It was also a good chance to bring back some stuff I don't use or wear, making the final moving day a little bit lighter!

I've currently got the house to myself so have decided to spend the day drinking tea and catching up with Blogging. I'm actually thinking of changing the layout and the name of the blog. When I first started the Blog it was initially a platform for my published and unpublished writing, and although there is the odd review, the main subject of the writing is beauty/fashion/random, so it feels like 'Writer Extraordinaire' just doesn't fit anymore. What does everyone think? I'd love to get your opinions.

Work is still going very well and I am absolutely loving having money in my bank. It means I can buy lots and lots of goodies! Here are just a few bits I've picked up recently.

The Katy Perry OPI collection has been extremely popular amongst bloggers and I know I'm a bit slow with this post but I had to post about the miniature set I got from eBay. It was just £10 and the pots are extremely cute and teeny! I'm currently wearing 'The One That Got Away' which is really pretty and shimmery. I think the 'Last Friday Night' polish would look great over the top of it.

L-R: The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies

'Teenage Dream' is an extremely pretty polish, but is one of those ones that takes about a year to remove. 'Not Like The Movies' is completely different from them all and isn't usually a colour I'd pick up but I quite like it!

Who else has tried these polishes? I'm hoping that another collection will be brought out as well as 4 polishes is just not enough! There are so many more colours and shades that could be used, maybe some purples and other brights?

Some more goodies that I've picked up are some bits from the Topshop make-up range. When the range first came out I purchased an eyeliner and eyeshadow pot but wasn't really impressed and both items are currently sitting at the bottom of my make-up bag. In just under a year, they have improved their make-up collection extensively and in a past post you might remember that I purchased one of their duo eye-shadows in 'Meteoric' from the Sandstorm collection. I loved it so much that I had to also get myself the 'Solar Cell' duo eye-shadow as well as one of their gorgeous creamy eyeshadows in 'Glint'.

I'm wearing the creamy eyeshadow today actually and I love it. I also accidently found out that the Duo eye-shadows look even better if the brush you use is a little damp as it really makes the colour stand out more. I realised after I made this amazing discovery, that it actually said this on the back of the box!

I'd actually love to try their foundations and blushes but I'm so useless with make-up. I actually had one of the concealers but stupidly sold it! I'm definitely going to pick up some more bits from their ranges, let's just hope they stock it in the Weston Super Mare branch!


  1. the eyeshadows look really nice. i've only really bought polishes from the topshop range, i'd like to try out some more of the products but i'm never sure what to go for! x

  2. I am really gonna have to get some of the Topshop make up to try, will have to have a little splurge I think! I like the blue Katy Perry polish best x

  3. those polishes look really really nice, the only thing with glittery ones is they take forever to take off!
    I haven't tried any of the topshop make up range, but I might have to have a nosey next time i'm in and see if anything catches my eye! the eyeshadows look dead nice! xxxx

  4. Loving the look of the Katy Perry Polishes. I do love OPI, I have a slowly growing collection. Enjoy being home!

  5. gorgeous nail polishes!!! love it :)

    great blog,

  6. Such a gorgeous collection of new things! So jealous! I feel the need to raid the beauty counters next week! xxxx

  7. I quite like Topshop make-up actually, which was a bit of a shock for me. I got a big chunky silver eyeliner for Christmas and it's amazing, I love it so much for just adding something to my usual make-up.

  8. I wouldn't normally go for such bright/shimmery colours but these look lovely! Especially The One That Got Away :)

    Rosie x

  9. Damn I knew I meant to go to topshop today.

  10. I was looking at the makeup in Topshop today but I couldn't decide what I wanted to get so I left it! Argh! I should've picked something!

  11. Ah aren't those polishes amazing? I know what you mean about the polishes being a pain to take off!

  12. All the polishes look gorgeous and sparkly :)
    great post!! x

  13. Those nail polishe's look so cute! I want some I love glittery ones.

  14. ooo those colours are lovely :-)

  15. Love the look of the OPI colours but varnish with glitter does take ages to remove! I wasn't too keen on the Topshop make up range either but am getting more impressed! I've actually got a blush (demure I think it's called) which is pretty good. Love the pink shimmery eye powder! :) xx

  16. I so want some of these Katy Perry polishes when I next have my nails done... I'm all for the glitz! :-D

    Dayner x


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