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16 May 2011

Hed Kandi 'Pure Kandi' Headphones

Hello! I mentioned on Saturday that I had a different sort of review post for you all, so here we are, my review of Hed Kandi's brand new range of 'Pure Kandi' headphones.

The world’s most successful dance music and lifestyle brand, Hed Kandi, have created a stunning range of superior quality headphones, travel speakers and iPhone sleeves in their glamorous and on-trend colour palette with unique Jason Brooks’s artwork.

I received a pair of purple headphones, which incidently is one of my favourite colours, but while I'm not a fan of the type of music that Hed Kandi represents, these headphones are really quite stylish and pretty. They boast that their ultra thin adjustable headband won't mess up your hair when you take them off and I have to say, it is true!

The headphones are extremely comfortable thanks to the white cushioning and I can even wear them while keeping all of my earrings and piercings in. I usually use my iPod earphones which, after a while, will cause my piercings to feel a bit sore so it was lovely to wear these headphones without worrying.

Another problem with my iPod earphones is the fact that they tangle so easily. The new 'Pure Kandi' headphones come with a special tangle free wire, making it extremely easy to pick up and listen straight away instead of spending ages untangling the wires.

Now for the most important part...the sound quality! I hate it when I'm wearing earphones and I can still hear noise from everything going on around me. I also get really paranoid when I think people, especially in the office, can hear my music as it must be such an annoying noise. Now, with the 'Pure Kandi' headphones, I literally cannot hear anything else but my music. I'm in my own little music bubble and I don't have to worry about other people hearing my music either as the white cushioning keeps the music from escaping! I definitely prefer the sound quality of these headphones to the quality of earphones as it feels a lot louder and I get a lot more bass from them as well.

Overall these headphones are definitely worth investing in at only £29.99. They come in a range of colours, making them cheap and cheerful, but still good quality.

Excuse my miserable face!

This post contains PR samples


  1. im thinking of investing in a pair myself! i had to get a pair of cheap earphones so i could listen to music in the library but they can be so uncomfortable. may have to get a pair like yours x
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. You and the headphones are too cool! :) Great review :)

  3. You rock those! I have major headphone issues, that style makes me feel too closed in, but the ear buds don't fit round my tragus piercing!

  4. Hello, new follower here, I love your blog and I love that your name is Cherry - so sweet. I have a pair of Wesc headphones and I like them for the same reasons you like these ones. They are a bit more pricey though so maybe when I inevitably lose this pair, I will look to Hed Kandi as an alternative.

  5. I too have problems with earbuds due to my tragus piercing, may have to invest in these one day xx

  6. the tangle-free wire sounds like a good idea! x

  7. love the new header and background cherry! and love this post too, I want so big headphones now!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  8. Ah I love the look of these. Been on the hunt for a similar pair for a while, but these are cuter and much cheaper!

  9. Loving the tangle-free aspect! I like that these proper headphones are coming back now, and properly done to block out other sounds. Great review!

  10. Those are cute! The thin headband part + tangle free wires are a good idea.

  11. Tangle-free wires sound awesome, I know I always get so frustrated when my earphones get entangled. :)

    The Cat Hag

  12. I'm not usually fond of big headphones, I find them soooo annoying (can't stand my boyfriend's Beats, they are so big, they squeeze my head LOL!) but these are PURPLE, yeyy! =D

  13. Great post ! I have bought Wesc pink similar headphones last year only cause I thought they were cute, LOL, I agree they're good cause you don't hear any other noise when they're on ! I look like a total teenager with them on, haha ! You made me wanna wear them in public with your post =)

  14. I really need a pair of decent headphones, I'd been borrowing my boyfriends for a while but he's stolen them back now :( These sound pretty reasonably priced too, will check these out properly for sure! Thanks for the review and I've joined yout followers xxx


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