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31 May 2011

May Favourites!

Hi everyone! This is a brand new regular post for the blog in a bid to let you all into my life a little bit more. Every month I'll be sharing with you my favourite products. Now I know this isn't necessarily original as thousands of other blogs do it but I absolutely love reading these posts and hopefully you will too! I'm not going to only restrict this to beauty products (though they will play a big part) as I want to include all sorts of things that I use throughout the month!

First of all I've been relying on these two nail polishes to help keep my nails healthy. The Maybelline Forever Strong Pro is supposed to keep them strong I guess? I have certainly seen a different as my nails are a lot less flaky and I love it's wide brush as it makes it much easier to apply just one coat! The Nails Inc Harley Street Ridge Filler is supposed to help fill/protect against ridges and again, I have seen a difference but I do still get ridges in my nails.

Will I keep using? Probably as I love it when my nails look very shiny!

The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging was included in this months Glossybox and it smells absolutely delicious. Unfortunately this is the only benefit I have gotten out of it as I keep forgetting to use it when my hair is wet, maybe this will crop up again in my June favourites if I remember to use it!

Will I keep using? I'll probably try and remember to use and continue until it runs out, but after that I probably won't purchase another! :(

I'm not 100% sure why I brought this Maybelline 'The Smoother' Primer as I originally had no idea how to use it. Now I'm using it every day under my foundation. A guy at a Smashbox make-up counter recently tried to sell me the £30 Smashbox version and I wanted to laugh in his face as this only cost about £6 and does a great job!

Will I keep using? Yes!

For my first ever blusher, I have been using this Natural Collection Rosey Glow non-stop. Although in certain lights it looks a little dark, I absolutely love the way it transforms me from a horrible pasty person to someone with colour in her cheeks!

Will I keep using Definitely! It's only a couple of pounds so I'll be purchasing some more shades as well!

I've had this Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation in 'Ivory' for about a year but have only really used it on nights out before. Now I'm using most days as I can't stand the state of my skin anymore but it doesn't give brilliant coverage. It will do for now until I can stop being lazy enough to get some proper advice and some decent coverage!

Will I keep using? Probably!

This Topshop Powder Foundation in Nude 2 is a foundation that I adore. Although it's got a bit of a funny smell, the finish is brilliant and I like to use it to touch up the Maybelline foundation pictured above. I love the cute compact too. :)

Will I keep using? Well, this is my second one since the first one broke so I must have loved it enough to buy it again!

I brought this make-up bag on a whim. I needed something to put all of my new bits and pieces into for the weekend when I went home. My normal make-up bag is way too big so this is great, it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was!

Will I keep using? Yes! It's great for storing anything in for a little trip away!

This is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used and ever will use. It's such a shame that the UK does not have a Sephora because their products are great! I got this one in Paris a few years ago. It stays on all day long and stays as dark as it was when it was first applied! I would definitely recommend it.

Will I keep using? I'll keep using this until it runs out completely, and I don't know what I'll do after that as I won't be able to get my hands on it again!

This cute pencil holder is from Paperchase. I absolutely love their stationary, but I picked this up to store all of my make-up pencils, brushes and mascaras! I definitely need to get myself some more of these as they make great storage!

Will I keep using? What do you think?

I don't usually wear a lot of rings but I'm trying to get myself used to them because there are so many pretty ones out there. This is one of my most recently purchased rings from LoveSuzie!. Scrabble rings and jewellery are hugely popular at the moment and I know a lot of bloggers are selling them at the moment, however, this was the first one I came across that was selling the letter C!

Will I keep using? Of course! It fits perfectly! Unfortunately Love Suzie has closed down now! :(

I got this Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume ring for Christmas from my nan and I adore it! As a ring it isn't too bad, maybe a little heavy, and once you open it you're greeted by the lovely scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. I've been using it so much that it's starting to wear down, which means I might just have to buy the full spray!

Will I keep using? Yes. The smell is gorgeous and I need this in a full size bottle!

You're all well aware that I adore Soap & Glory products and I have a huge collection. This Feel The Knead is my most recent purchase from the range and is a great way to get a relaxing treatment for your skin. The kneader has teeny tiny particles in it that lightly exfoliate the skin and when it's dry you can use it as a normal massager, which I definitely need for my poor old shoulders.

Will I keep using? Absolutely! I love using it to buff my skin and keep it soft!

So there are all of the products I've been using this month! Have any of you tried them aswell? What did you think of them? It's interesting when you really think about what you've been using because you realise just how many different things you do actually use. As I said previously, I'll try not to fill this feature up with beauty products but I can't promise anything ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. To be honest, mine was extremely quiet. Apart from sorting out my tip of a bedroom, I basically did nothing but eat and watch television. I guess it was nice to get away for the long weekend but not so nice when we came back to this dirty, messy house. I was actually meant to do a bit of cleaning tonight but have been a bit distracted...I better get on!


  1. i'm definitely going to buy that maybelline polish! i loved reading this post :) x

  2. your 'C' ring is so nice!! I love it, it's so original!! :)

  3. I really, really want one of those scrabble rings; I love them! The smoother looks v. interesting too :) x

  4. I've been looking for a good primer, I think I may get that one! xx

  5. love the pencil holder!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  6. I like using clear nail polish but I actually find that for an expensive one Nails Inc chips too easily for me. Rimmel Lycra all the way :)

  7. That scrabble ring is awesome!! I don't wear much eyeliner but my best friend is a professional makeup artist and she always used sephora or urban decay eyeliner.

  8. Hey Do u no where i can find the smoother stuff? The Primer?

  9. Really want to try that blush - it looks gorgeous :)
    and the bag and the rings are so cool, I want a scrabble ring!! x

  10. fab post, going to be trying those polishes!


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