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21 May 2011

Glossybox May 2011

I know everyone is probably sick of GlossyBox posts but I've tried to make this blog post a few days after the initial buzz and I've also tried to include more information than simply what is in it. Apparently the GlossyBox is the UK alternative to the US Birchbox. I'll be honest and tell you that I'd never heard of the Birchbox and only found out about the Glossybox after someone posted about it on Twitter. I was intrigued of course, but it took me a while to actually decide to sign up. The Glossyboxuk team were extremely helpful and answered every one of my silly questions. I do love a brand that keeps in touch with their customers and I feel like the people behind the Glossybox are lovely and friendly!

I was initially wary about signing up to a contract that takes £10 out of my account every month. At the moment, I do have a good paying job so I can spare £10 a month, but when I move back home and am on more basic wages, I'm not sure I'll be able to continue 'wasting' £10. However, until that time, I'll stay signed up and keep receiving the boxes. You are able to cancel the contract at any time which is reassuring. Now, let's get on with the juicy stuff...

100% for effort and pretty packaging! The products were presented nicely in their little box and there was a lovely welcome message, information about the products and a 10% discount code for one of the items.

What was in the box

  • NARS Orgasm Illuminator
    This silky, shimmering highlighter creates instant radiance, giving skin a perfectly dewy spring glow. Universally flattering on all skin types.

  • All for Eve Red Lipstick
    Eve Red Lipstick was created by celebrity make up artist Daniel Sandler. This long lasting colour was designed to instil courage and poise in all who wear it.

  • Bionova Lab Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin
    This cleanser gently removes all traces of impurities without damaging the skin's natural barrier system. Suitable for both skin types: Normal and Dry

  • Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray
    Treat your hair with this vitamin packed finishing spray that immediatly transforms the look and feel of hair. The lightweight spray can be used throughout the day, restroing vibrancy to dull and dry hair.

  • COMO Shambhala Invigorate Body Lotion
    Refresh yourself with this light hydrating body moisturiser. Skin-softening eucalyptus, mood enhancing lavender and stimulating peppermint make this the perfect wake-me-up

  • The rumours that a NARS product was in the box had been floating around Twitter for a few days, but I had no idea it would be such a generous sized version of one of NARS most popular items. The Illuminator alone is worth more than £10 so to say that we got our moneys worth is an understatement. I refuse to pay the retail price for these sorts of products so I'm extremely pleased that this was in the box and I just hope that the boxes to follow will also include at least one full sized, exclusive product.

    Although impressed with the product I was also a bit scared of it. I've never used anything like this. It says it can be used all over your face, mixed with foundation, but the fact that it's pretty shimmery puts me off slathering it all over my face. Instead it can be used as a type of blusher which I feel more calmer about. The fact that I only wore blusher for the first time in my life on Thursday meant that this new liquid magic was still a little daunting, but after trying it a few times, I think it's a little bit great. No longer am I a ghostly freckled figure, but I now have shimmering, radiant cheekbones. Lol. One quick question to my readers though...what sort of brush would you use to apply this? I must admit that I ended up using my fingers to apply this product!

    The remaining products were ones I had never heard of before. The 10% discount code was for the COMO Shambhala Body Lotion, but I probably won't use it if I'm honest. I have so many body lotions already and although the body lotion claims to soften skin, refresh you and wake-you-up, I was a bit disappointed by it. The smell is overly minty, so much so that it smells exactly like the menthol crystals I use to help my Rhinitis.

    The lotion is nice and creamy but takes a little while to sink in. It says on the bottle that contact with the eyes and face should be avoided. Stupidly I didn't see this until after I'd applied it to my face so my face is currently tingling away. Hopefully there's not too much of a bad reaction. After this stupid mistake I applied it to my hands. At first it left them feeling a bit clammy and eventually left them a little softer, but not dramatically.

    Also included in the box was Bionova Lab Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin. I have pretty sensitive skin so I'm admitting now that I don't fancy using yet another product on my face. I'm currently set with my current skin care regime, thanks. The sample was the smallest of the lot, making me think it's probably one of the most expensive, but it looked like those little perfume samples you get from Avon. I'm sure it will work wonders for some people but I've yet to use it. If you've used it, do let me know what it's like!

    The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray was another interesting product. Not only does it look expensive but it also sounds expensive thanks to the word 'Caviar' in it's name. The spray claims to repair, hold colour and immediately transform the look and feel of hair. Saying that something will work immediately is a big claim, no? I do feel like my hair is shinier and softer though and the smell while spraying it was very lovely, however I think the results will really show after a week or so of use. I think I'll definitely be using this regularly!

    Last but not least is the All For Eve Lipstick in 'Eve Red'. I'm pretty scared of most make-up as I worry that if I apply anything too dramatic or expensive, it will go horribly wrong and I'll end up looking like a cross between a TOWIE star and a clown. Bright red lipstick scares me the most. Although it is 'fashionable' again, it still reminds me of a clowns smile or those over 40 women that still think their 20. I also feel sick when I see lipstick stains on coffee cups, eurgh! Despite this, I was brave, and tried it out, just for you guys!

    I have to say it's not as bright as I expected but I personally don't think it suited me. I also found it a bit hard to apply as I'm completely useless with stuff like this. I felt like a 6 year old using my mum's make-up. I also managed to catch my nail in the stick and take a big chunk out of do you believe me when I say I'm useless?

    All in all, the NARS and Alterna products were big hits for me. The rest will probably be donated to other people or gather dust in my make-up bag. Of course, you have to expect that you won't like all of the products, but I'm not disappointed because with the NARS and Alterna products alone, my £10 was definitely put to good use. Hopefully, in the next box, there will be a few more bits that I like.

    I hope that the quality of the boxes remains at quite a high standard as the GlossyBox is a brilliant incentive for people to try new products that they'd never usually go near. I'm a perfect example of that.


    1. This is a brilliant review compared to others I've seen in the blogging world. Most of the posts about them are just a list of what was inside and a photo of when they opened the box. You're also the first blogger I've seen to swatch the lipstick, hurray! :D

    2. Fab review hunny! It's good to hear somebody's view on the products!

    3. i'd considered signing up last month but i didn't, seeing this maybe i should have! x

    4. Great box of tricks there, I use my fingers for highlighter I guess you could use a fountaion brush if you wanted.

    5. cute

    6. I've heard so much about this and I'm tempted by it. The packaging is so nice, getting this through the post would cheer me up!

      This is a great review, thanks for posting x

    7. I've actually never heard of this until now but I am really impressed, the £10 a month thing isn't too bad when you see what you get for the money, looks like an exciting treat every month! By the way I really love your banner!

    8. don't be scared, i love my nars :)

    9. I hadn't actually heard of this before! It seems like such a good idea,

      Rosie x

    10. Not something I'd really think about signing up for but the Nars Illuminator is amazing! I just can't imagine they'd do something that great twice. I'd like the All for Eve lipstick too because I lurve lipstick and it is such a great charity money raiser. Will be interested to see what you get next month.

    11. Sounds interesting. It is always nice to recieve a parcel in the post.

    12. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3
      I've been looking at all these Glossy Box posts and I'm completely jealous! Lucky girl :)

    13. this is such a good review cherry :-)
      I'm not really that 'into' make up myself but i'd like to be. I'm more of a foundation blusher mascara girl than moisture, illuminate, highlight, eyeliner etc but i've read all about these 'glossy boxes' online and i am so tempted to try them out...

      thankyou for the comment on my blog! :)

    14. wow i've never even heard of glossybox before, this sounds amazing! very tempting, but until i get a regular flow of money coming into my account i think i'll have to give it a miss. nice review though! x

    15. I debated about ordering this last month and decided not to btoher, so regret it now!
      great post!! x

    16. I want that just for the pretty box!

      /S / http://

    17. Thanks for such an honest review :) I've heard good things about the hair spray! I tried to sign up but I was too late for the May box and I tried to sign up again today just as the June box sold out! Boo :( xxx


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