Cherry Pie : Sally Hansen Nail Effects Polish Strips in 'Skinny Jeans'

25 May 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Effects Polish Strips in 'Skinny Jeans'

Recently I tried some unknown brand of 'nail effects strips' that I picked up from Boots and they were absolutely terrible, which is why I wasn't so sure about trying the Sally Hansen ones that I won in a giveaway recently. However, I thought with it being a well known brand, surely they'd be better?

Well I was right. I used the Nail Effects Polish Strips in #230 'Skinny Jeans' and have to say I'm pretty impressed. The instructions were really easy to follow and I soon disregarded them because the strips were so easy to apply, just measure them up against the nail, remove the tab and go...

There are a few that are a bit lumpy and untidy but I guess with practice I'd be able to get a smoother finish. I did completely muck up one nail and had to remove it which was a pain. Normal nail polish remover works on removing the strips but it removes the colour first and leaves all of the stickiness on your nail, which takes a while to rub off! Also, when I opened the sealed packets containing the stickers I was greeted by a huge waft of toxic smells which weren't very nice and the stickers still smell a bit funny. A nail file is provided to round off the edges but as I was filing, it began pulling at the rest of the sticker so a few edges are still quite jagged and keep getting caught in my hair!

It's a shame that there weren't more in a packet as I'd like to repeat this look again. There were about 5 left over so until I buy some more, I can do the odd nail here and there for certain designs. Apart from a few little downsides that I can quickly get over, I really love the nail strips and will definitely pick up some different designs!

Can you see how discoloured and flaky the other nail looks? Anyone got any  advice  on how to cure this?

You can buy the strips on Amazon for around £8, but I'm sure if you hunt around you'll be able to find them a tad cheaper!

Have any of you tried them before? I highly recommend them!

P.S - Don't forget to enter the Giveaway!


  1. Those look bloomin' cool! :)

  2. Looking good. Shame the finish on them isn't great, but they sound like a good quick fix or good for chucking into a holiday make-up bag.

  3. they look amazing!! :) x

  4. these look so cool! I know what you mean about the application though i have some nails rock ones and they suuuuuck.xx

  5. These look great. I might have to try them as I find normal polish chips so quickly.

    For flaky nails I think eating jelly cubes is supposed to help. I also put oil on my nails before going to be sometimes and let it soak in. You can buy little bottles of it like nail polish.

  6. They look great. Primark sell some which I've been meaning to buy but annoyingly my local store don't stock them x

  7. I'm my country they sell only the basic Sally Hansen products so i can't buy these but they seem perfect for a day that you can't wait for nail polish to dry. As long as the designs are pretty i think it's worth it.

  8. i've yet to try nail strips - now i know sally hansen is a good brand at least! that's a really cool print!

    sorelle in style

  9. cool nails!!! love them, so original! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  10. this looks so cool! i barely even paint my nails, so this'd be a major step for me, ahaaa

  11. these look cute! i need a cure for flaky nails too, mine are awful x

  12. these look really cute!

  13. they look great! my nails are like that, overuse of nailvarnish has killed them, they're so weak xx


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