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23 May 2011

Spend, spend, spend.

How was everyone's weekend? Vince and I haven't been up to much to be honest. We have recently taken to going to town for shopping trips either on a Friday after I finish work or on a Sunday as it's so much quieter than on a Saturday. Yesterday we went to check out a new Arts & Crafts market in the 'posh' area of Southampton and what a disappointment it was! Reading the website, it said we could expect Vintage clothing, jewellery, records etc..etc...but there were only about 5 stalls altogether, no vintage clothing, overpriced and not particularly amazing jewellery and more over priced records.

On the bright side, we got a little exercise as it's quite a walk away. On our way back we had a quick look around one of the ruins in the town. It's strange to think that I've been in Southampton almost 4 years now and never checked out any of the towns history. Southampton used to be surrounded by castle 'walls' as it's a naval town, but they were all destroyed during the war (that's totally an educated guess), however, pieces of these walls still remain and are viewable to the public. Vince and I took a little wander around an old church from the 1700's that has now been transformed into a memorial for sailors. It was pretty interesting and I managed to snap a few pics as well.

After the weather made up it's mind and decided to shine, it actually turned out to be a nice day so we had a little shopping trip. There was nothing much in particular that I wanted to pick up and I always find this the best way to go shopping. If I do have something in mind, you can guarantee that I won't find it! I ended up picking up some basic tee-shirts, a fringed top from Primark, bracelets and some Lush goodies!

This Primark fringed top is a little controversial as it's not usually something I'd go for but I love the fringing trend on other people and I was drawn to this when I saw it so had to get it. There is a teeny tiny crop top attached but I think I would probably cut it off and wear a longer vest top underneath. After trying it on I still wasn't 100% about it and I can't decide whether to take it back to the shop or not, what do you think?

While I'm here, I thought I'd post a few bits and pieces that I've picked up recently but haven't yet blogged about. I decided a few days ago that I wanted some bright blue jeans so off I popped to Zara and voila! £20 later, they were mine. I have only recently really given Zara a chance and although some of their pieces are a little pricey, there is the odd bargain, like these jeans for example. £40 in Topshop. :P I'll try and get a pic of me wearing them soon!

I also managed to snag a new Topshop Flippy skirt in 'Sand' from eBay. I originally saw it in Topshop last weekend and almost parted with £26 for it, but found the exact one on eBay for £10, bargain! I haven't worn it yet as I'm not sure what to pair it with but again, I'll try and get a pic of me wearing it soon!

I've also recently picked up a few bits and bobs such as a Topshop Powder Foundation. I got it i n the 'nude' shade and I do like but it has such a strange, chemical smell which really isn't nice. However, I can put up with the smell as it is a good foundation! I finally picked up the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser which I've used one or twice now. I use these types of things about once a week as a little treat to my skin.

I also picked up my first ever blusher! Can you believe I've never worn blusher before? I decided to go for it on a whim really and scoured Boots for quite a while for the perfect shade. It took me ages of testing out different shades and I was getting a little annoyed so just picked up what I thought looked nice and was cheap in the Natural Collections range. I went for 'Rosey Glow' in the end which has turned out to be quite lovely! I also picked up a blusher brush from Models Own!

I also wanted to post some pics of some other clothes that I've recently brought. These aren't for me, but for my little niece who is due on July 10th! My sister has lots of newborn clothing so I've been buying a few bits that are for 3 to 6 months. I picked these up from Pumpkin Patch as they were on Sale and are so cute!

I'm sure she will be one stylish baby!


  1. the fringe top looks really summery, you should keep it! i also love the skirt and jeans.
    natural collection blushers are actually really nice, especially for the price. i don't have rosey glow but from your photos i might just have to pick it up sometime. oh, and those rabbit booties are so cute! x

  2. I love the Primark fringe top, I was eyeing it up on the weekend but figured it wouldn't suit me. It looks lovely on you x

  3. I love that fringe top :)
    Those baby clothes are so sweet! xx

  4. The bracelets are really nice and the baby clothes are so cute! xx

  5. i'm such an awwww-ing mess when it comes to baby clothes! Too cute! Good find on the topshop skirt! x

  6. I've heard a lot about Topshop makeup, their blushes look gorgeous!

  7. Lovely photos.

    The fringed top looks good on you.

    I want to try TS makeup xx

  8. gorgeous photos, love your buys!

  9. By the 'posh end of Southampton', are you talking about the cutesy, stoney part further on from West Quay? (: I've been meaning to have a wander down there and snap some photos for absolutely ages! What a disappointment that the market was awful haha. I love the old church by Wahoo haha, just round the corner from my old place.

    Love that crochet/fringed top, defz keep that Cherry! xx

  10. I hate it when you read about stuff and then find out it's way different then what you read about.
    Love the shade of the blush, and the skirt is gorgeous :)
    And the clothes you bought to your niece are so cute!


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