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18 May 2011

Elemis Fresh Skin

To me, Elemis has always been one of those luxurious skin care ranges for shall we say, older women. Up until recently, my mum swore by the stuff so when I heard about their new range of teenage to mid-twenties skincare, I knew I had to try it.

I've mentioned before that I have extremely sensitive skin so using something that is for teens would probably benefit me more as it's much softer than the usual Elemis products.

Each of the products are formulated with active raw ingredients, including elderflower, rosehip seed oil, apple, blackcurrant, goji berry, geranium combined with skin kind bases specially chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, prevent damage, moisturise and boost skin's elasticity to keep it youthful for longer.

I ordered some free samples from the TimeToSpa website. I originally ordered the samples using my own name and email address but wasn't too sure it had worked, so tried my boyfriends name and email just to be sure and low and behold, they both worked and so I received two sets of the samples. My boyfriend was quite surprised when he received some skincare testers in the post.

My free sample included a booklet including lots of information about the range and 3 trial size packs of the Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash, the Deep Clean Purifying Mask and the Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser.

As soon as I saw a review of the Purifying Mask on Gaby's blog, I knew I had to try it straight away. I have to admit, I have never used a face mask before in my life. I think I've been too scared of them irritating my skin after I've washed them off but I have to say I was really surprised and pleased with Elemis' Purifying Mask.

The Purifying face mask is a blend of natural clays, goji berry extract and frankincense oil which helps to draw out impurities and refine the skin, whilst Vitamin E softens and smooths.

The instructions were simple enough, even for me; Apply mask, leave for 10 minutes, rinse off. As mentioned, the mask is a soft clay mask so was really easy to apply and dried pretty quickly. My face did become quite tight while it was on and I had to tell my boyfriend off for making me laugh, but I'm assuming that the tightness only meant that it was working it's magic.

After application

5-6 minutes after application

10 minutes after application

As the mask had become dry and a bit crusty (like clay, duh!) I thought it would be pretty difficult to wipe off, but using some warm water and a flannel, it came off easily. After using products on my face, my skin often feels very dry and tight but the mask left it super soft for the rest of the evening. There were a few tiny spots that were still a bit dry, but that wasn't anything a little moisturiser wouldn't be able to sort out.

I had a few blemishes and spots on my face before trying the mask and I'm pleased to say that the mask dried them out nicely and they are well on their way to healing. The information does suggest that the mask draws out impurities but I haven't personally noticed new spots forming, which usually happens a few days after using new products, however, I shall keep you posted.

I strongly suggest that if you can invest some money into a good skincare range, then Elemis is the way to go. If the face mask is anything to go buy then I definitely need to make a good investment!


  1. My skin really needs some TLC, will be trying out Elemis I think x

  2. this looks like a great brand, very tempting! x

  3. I love a good face mask! I spent a bit of money on a Sanctuary one a while back - it's grey clay and heats up on application :)

    Rosie x

  4. Awww thanks for the shoutout!

    I'm glad you liked this mask! But I can't believe you have never used a face mask before?! My favorite mask is plain old honey, it's sooooo moisturizing and leaves my skin super soft!

    Did you like the moisturizer too? It's my favorite product from what I've been sent (:

  5. My mum uses Elemis products and I sometimes "borrow" them, but these products for younger skin sound great, the face mask sounds like a winner! x

  6. I've used a mask before but only as a cliché thing at a sleepover with friends when I was younger.

    How often do you think you'd use it?

  7. fab review!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


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