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11 May 2016

The battle of the pores with Bioré

Bioré pore products

For the past few months I've been waging a war against pores. I'm not sure when they appeared on my face, more specifically on my nose and chin, but they're quite visible and not very nice to look at when you get close. No matter what fancy skincare I've used, they haven't reduced in size or really cleared so it was time to bring the big guns out.

One day I was busy browsing my local Boots when I thought it was about time I picked up some Bioré products as they're specifically made to target pores. I've seen this brand on the shelves SO many times but always bypassed it in favour of something else. It doesn't help that it doesn't have a prime place on the shelf at eye level so probably often gets forgotten about. This time though I stopped and had a thorough look through. I decided on the deep cleansing pore strips and the Baking Soda Pore Cleanser.

The strips were £3.99 and the cleanser £3.49 so not too pricey that I'd be annoyed if they didn't work. I've been using the cleanser every other day and the pore strips once a week for the past three weeks or so and I'm already seeing improvements. When I used my first pore strip it managed to catch quite a lot of dirt and grime from my pores. If you know what a used pore strip looks like then you'll know how gross but intriguing it is! Having used three of the pore strips, I can already see that the pores on my nose are much clearer as there were a couple of blackheads there too, which have now disappeared. I feel like they're not as visible when I look in the mirror too. I'm going to keep going with the strips and make them a regular thing, which will hopefully help stop dirt building up.

As I mentioned I've been using the cleanser every other day in the mornings. I just wet my nose and chin areas and use a small amount, working it into the skin in circles. The inclusion of baking soda is pretty interesting. I actually thought it would be a lot like a harsh exfoliating scrub but it's actually really, really gentle and it washes away really easy. The pores on my chin have definitely cleared and aren't so visible anymore so I'm super impressed.

It just goes to show that the cheapest, sometimes more unknown products are definitely worth giving a try as they could work just as well, if not better, than something more pricey. I'm now really interested to try the Charcoal cleanser and pore strips as well as the all over face mask from the brand.

Have you tried anything from Bioré? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.


  1. This is so interesting, as I've read so many things about not using pore strips, that they're terrible for your skin, etc etc, so it's great to read a positive review of them! The cleanser sounds really fascinating too, my only worry would be that it'd be too harsh on my pretty sensitive, hormonal and volatile skin!

    xx Susan | Growing Daydreams

    1. I've never heard that they're bad for your skin!

  2. My pores are horrible! I got passed down some pretty crappy genetics and ever since high school I've been trying to fight them! Years ago I used these pore strips and I agree they work really well - except I noticed that because it pulls up the dirt it was also causing a lot more breakouts to occur on me!
    I love love love charcoal products - you would think a dark mask wouldn't help but charcoal absorbs all the gross oils and stuff! If you don't want to spend money on the baking soda product (It's cheap, why wouldn't you?) you can also just mix water and baking soda in a paste and apply that on your face as a mask as well!
    Okay, okay... now that I've written a novel I'm going to go now haha. Glad to hear these products work for you!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Love a good meaty comment! I agree ref more breakouts but I did expect that and it's not been too bad, I guess if you make it a regular thing you won't get such bad breakouts.

      Charcoal products are fab, I love a charcoal face mask!

  3. I might try the baking soda cleanser, I love hearing about new gentle cleansing products to try.

    Do be careful using the pore clearing strips. I had blue light treatment for broken capillaries a few years ago. Although the dermatologist consultant explained mine were predominantly caused by climate, he also gave me a stern talking to about the damage pore strips may have done. I've not used them since :/

    1. Ooh thank you, I will be careful!

  4. I haven't tried anything from Bioré in such a long time but this week I've bought their new exfoliating powder which sounds amazing. You massage it into the skin and it removes all grime then dissolves so you can't over scrub your skin! xx

    1. That sounds fab, might need to pick it up myself!

  5. I love the Biore line! There is something so satisfying about seeing those gross pore strips full of gunk that was on your face.

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  6. I've not tried Biore for YEARS! I need to try these!

    Stephanie xxxx

  7. Never tried Biore products but definitely want to give the pore strips a good go!



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