Cherry Pie : Five good things #8

15 May 2016

Five good things #8

Just a note to say the weather has been super good this weekend! Charlie has really enjoyed it as you can see from his posey photo!

Comp win
So this time last week I was happily minding my own business and getting on with writing some blog posts when I received a message to say I'd won a blogger competition where the prize was an iPad mini! With all the rubbish luck we've had this year this was a bit of a surprise, mainly because I'd just entered the comp without really thinking I'd win so it was a really nice surprise. The blogger offered me the iPad mini or the monetary alternative. I went for the money just because I have an overdraft to pay off and because I had a tablet before and it didn't really get much use. So that really perked up my week!

Yoga was back this week after the previous week's Bank Holiday break. It seems that just as I'm getting into it a Bank Holiday pops up and it's not on. Anyway there were quite a few people in the class this week and I feel like I'm getting more and more used to some of the stretches, I even managed about 30 seconds of a plank! It's really nice after a busy Monday at work to go somewhere with the sole aim of relaxing!

My car is finally completely fixed! I hit it back in March/April and had to have the whole bumper replaced. It was replaced last weekend but I had to order a few little bits that clip into it and we finally got these fitted yesterday so now it's looking as good as new again, you'd never know I hit it at all. Now it just needs a clean!

So I mentioned that my spin bike stopped working a little while ago and I am still enduring an absolute nightmare with Very/Yodel to get them to come and pick it up. It's been sat in its box in my garage for nearly two weeks while I am promised delivery drivers are coming, then they don't turn up. So while this has all been happening I haven't been able to do any exercising. Just before the bike broke I was getting right on it and really enjoying it so Vince and I went and got another bike in Argos yesterday and it's SO much better! I need Vince to properly show me how to work it then I can get back into spinning again! I also got some dumbells to work out the old bingo wings too!

Vince weekend off
If you didn't know Vince is a courier driver. He's technically self employed and had Thursday this week off, then yesterday he got a call to say did he want the day off as there weren't many routes. Obviously he said yes and we had a nice little day doing odd bits and pieces and wolfing down a cooked breakfast, yum yum! He actually received a call this morning but then they called him in again as someone didn't turn up, boo!

How has your week been? Have you got much planned for next week? Let me know in the comments.

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