Cherry Pie : A little TLC for your hands... Trouva's Meraki Linen Dew Hand Cream

27 May 2016

A little TLC for your hands... Trouva's Meraki Linen Dew Hand Cream

Meraki Linen Dew Hand Cream

These past few months I've been suffering really badly with eczema on my hands, particularly on the joints of the fingers and just under. I think it's probably the changing season and from all the central heating that's been on in the first quarter of the year. Usually it clears up but it seems to be lingering for a bit longer than usual. Usually my lanolin hand cream helps to soothe it but it doesn't seem to be doing such a good job this time around.

I've been using Hydrocortisone cream recently that I picked up from the chemist, which is helping, but inbetween applications I seem to have switched to a new hand cream to help soothe the itchy skin. Step in Trouva's Meraki's Linen Dew Hand Cream.

Trouva is an online collective of independent boutiques and it recently introduced Meraki to its virtual shelves, which is a Denmark-based brand specialising in skincare products with a Scandinavian aesthetic. The products use natural perfumes, basic oils and organic vitamins and all of its products are without parabens, colorants, endocrine disrupting substances and SLS. They only contain mild preservatives and are vegan-friendly.

As you can see from the packaging this has a very simplistic feel and a slight Aesop/Antipodes look to it. I'm a big fan of the simple style and typography and I'm an even bigger fan of the product itself. I've found in the past that hand creams with perfumes irritate my hands more so the fact this is very gentle and natural is a big plus.

The hand cream itself combines sunflower and chamomile with a scent of fresh mint. It's super refreshing and you get a nice whiff of mint every time you use it. It's non-greasy and soaks into the hands nice and quickly, leaving them lovely and moisturised. The hand cream also has antibacterial properties so my hands feel super clean after use too.

I've found myself reaching for this over and over and I have even taken to popping it in my bag so I can use it on the move. It's great for keeping my dry skin well moisturised and keeping the itchiness away. At £18.95 for 50ml this is definitely more than I would usually spend on a hand cream but it will certainly last a long time and if it continues to leave my hands feeling as good as they have been recently, then it's definitely one I'll be purchasing myself.

Have you ever tried anything from Meraki? Let me know in the comments.

*This post contains a PR sample.


  1. I've really been struggling with eczema on my hands lately too! This sounds brilliant and I love the packaging - so pretty <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. I always love using a nice hand cream but as I don't suffer with particularly dry hands I've never really bothered to invest in a really good one. This sounds lovely though, and very tempting...!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  3. I have eczema on my hands to and I find that betnovate works really well x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. Such a pretty hand cream, sounds lovely :)

    Sophie x

  5. This sounds like a great summer hand cream, I love minty scents in the summer. It just smells so clean and fresh, great post, thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  6. well, i need this in my life right now! my hands are so bloody dry and sore :(



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