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8 May 2016

Five good things this week #7

I've been up since 7.30am this morning and I completely forgot about writing this blog post, oops! Anyway, here I am, two cups of tea deep into Sunday and still in my PJs. I do feel like I've achieved something though as I've already put the washing away and put a new wash on. Go me!

My plans for today consist of a bit of blogging and a lot of housework. I do try to do housework through the week with a bigger clean on the weekends but sometimes you just have to pull the big guns out (ie, the big hoover) and dedicate a day to cleaning.

Pretend gardening
As I mentioned in last week's post I was planning to visit the garden centre with my mum on Sunday. It was quite the morning out and I picked up some plants, got them home, then stood by as my mum repotted them all for me! I bought tomatos, runner beans, lettuce and a lupin plant plus three huge bags of compost and pots! We planted them all up on Sunday and I'm hoping for lots of lovely edible crops to grow soon, as long as I keep watering them that is!

Prezzo summer menu tasting
On Wednesday Vince and I visited Prezzo in Bristol to try the new summer menu. I was really looking forward to it for ages as it was a complimentary trip for review purposes for the blog (review coming soon!) so I was really anxious that we'd dig into the meal and then they'd produce a bill at the end and wouldn't know anything about it being complimentary. Luckily, that didn't happen and they knew all about it. The food was delish, we went for starters, mains and desserts and I was absolutely stuffed! Everything was so delicious but it felt super weird taking photos in the middle of the restaurant but we actually got some great shots. Or should I say, Vince got some great shots. It was like having my own personal photographer! We also had a little walk around the Bristol harbourside, snapping a few more photos of the pretty lights.

Almost new lounge!
This week we kind of have a new lounge area thanks to Vince! He spent his entire day off on Wednesday rearranging our lounge. I was a bit worried about what I'd come home to. In our old house I came home one day to a brand new sofa, which at the time didn't go down well, but now I've grown used to them. Anyway he spent his whole day cleaning and rearranging and it actually looks much more cosy and lounge like so I was quite pleased with it - it's nice to have a bit of a refresh actually, maybe we should move some more rooms around, haha!

Friday night meal
On Friday my mum was supposed to be coming to mine for dinner but I literally had zero food in the house just because Vince and I haven't had a day off together in order to go and do the shopping, so I suggested either fish and chips or we pop to the pub, which is literally 2 seconds from my house. My mum chose the pub so we went for a nice meal out. My mum and I had chargrilled chicken and pepper with salsa and sweet potato fries. It was delish, especially the sweet potato fries. We've actually managed to get the food shopping done now and I bought some sweet potatoes so I can make my own. Now I just need to hunt down some Jack Daniels sauce, mmmm!

Saturday spending
I say Saturday spending but yesterday I didn't actually spend that much money, luckily. I took my mum to town as she wanted to get a few bits. I also wanted to get some nail polishes from Superdrug but they were out of stock, argh! We had a mooch around and met my sister for tea and cake, or in my case, a bacon bap!

We popped into my sister's house on the way back and once I got home I promptly fell asleep on the sofa for about two hours, oops! I only woke up at 6pm when Vince got home from work. I must have needed the sleep.

Looking back it seems like I had a bit of a busy week, especially as I had crochet as well! This week coming I have Yoga on Monday but not much else planned. I am planning/hoping to get Vince to take a look at my spin bike as it doesn't seem to be working. I think there is a loose or broken connection from the pedals to the digital display as it's not recording anything when the pedals are moving. It's been like it for about a week now. I'm actually really annoyed as I was doing so well, getting on the bike most days and now I've completely fallen out of my routine. I need to get it fixed asap or send it back and exchange it, argh!

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments and let me know what you have coming up.


  1. I'm exactly the same with gardening! I did re-pot a lavender plant yesterday which was an achievement! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Your week sounds like it's been lovely! I'm so excited for the Prezzo review and I can't wait to see all the pretty photos!

    Jodie //

    1. The review should come on Friday!

  3. Ben and I are meant to be doing a Prezzo review soon and I can't wait! It always feels odd leaving without paying a bill though haha xx

    1. It was so weird walking out without paying!


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