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15 August 2014

Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Series

Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Series
Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Root Lift - £6.99
Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Shampoo - £5.99

I saw a post about this range quite a while ago on another blog and I was really intrigued by it. Every time I went into Boots I had a quick scan of the shelves but until now it hadn't been in stock in my local branch. When I finally saw it I rushed straight over and picked up a couple of pieces, a shampoo and root lift.

The range aims to combat limp and lifeless hair (aka, mine!) with Oxyfusion technology and give it 95% more volume, which was something I was VERY interested in thanks to my continuous journey for the best volumising products. The Oxyfusion technology combines glycerine for added moisture and silicone for smoothness and shine.

I really enjoy using the shampoo as it's gorgeously lightweight to use. It leaves my hair ridiculously soft and shiny, better than it's ever been before but I have to admit I'm not impressed with the volume boosting technologies at all. It does say you can create added volume using a round brush when styling but I'm looking for something that really just lifts the roots a bit for me and gives volume throughout without me putting much work in and I feel this didn't really. I'm equally disappointed in the root lift spray as well as it doesn't really give a lot of volume to the roots.

Luckily it's really lightweight on application and it doesn't leave your hair feeling straw like or sticky but I would need to use up around half the bottle to create any volume.

I'll carry on using both products just because they leave my hair looking super shiny and really healthy but I wouldn't recommend them for their volume boosting properties, despite them claiming to boost your hair by 95%!

Have you tried this new range yet? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. My hair is quite naturally voluminous (often a little too much) so I wouldn't buy there but they don't sound like they did much for you. I haven't seen these in my local boots yet though

    1. Oh you're so lucky having volumised hair!

  2. I haven't heard of these before, I might try them as my hair is super thick and if it doesn't do much to volume it might be ideal for me xxx

    1. Let me know your thoughts if you do try them!

  3. I find it very hard to find any shampoo that really gives volume to be honest, overall it does sound like a nice range to use though.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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