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17 June 2011

New Haircut!

Finally, I have had a hair cut! I did rather love my long hair but it was getting quite annoying having to brush through the tangles and drying it every morning took forever, not to mention the amount of times it kept getting caught in things. I decided to go for the chop after buying a £20 voucher from for a haircut worth £50 at a local salon.

While I do like my new 'do', I've come to realise that the hairdresser has not actually put any layers in it like I asked. I hate that I never mention it when I'm actually in the salon as I get too carried away with everything. It's not until you get home and wash it yourself that you actually realise! It's a shame but I do still like the length and maybe I'll find somewhere cheap just to get a bit of volume put into it. Here are some rather shoddy snaps, excuse the PJ top!

While it is short, it's still long enough to be able to do quite a bit with. Maybe some waves or curls one day? If I can be bothered that is!

I'm not sure why, as it is faded and the roots are showing, but I seem to be getting a few compliments on the colour of my hair. You'll remember a while back, I dyed it Red, well it's really faded now but there is still a slight twinge, I guess it catches the light well!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Me? Nothing, as usual. I've volunteered to make a Lasagne tonight so I'll be getting on with that soon. Other than that it's set to be another quiet weekend. On Tuesday it is my three year anniversary with Vince so we're going out for a yummy meal to celebrate, but it sucks that I have work during the day!

Anyway, I should probably get on. I'll probably post over the weekend with a few new nail polish swatches, but before I go I just want to announce the winner of my giveaway!!!

There were over 50 entries which is amazing and I loved reading everybody's feedback on what they would like to see on the blog. I've tried to take it on board and you'll be seeing some more personal posts in the future as well as the beauty/fashion/outfit posts that you all like so much!

So, without further ado...congratulations to Kate Louise!!!! The prize should be winging it's way to you soon!!

Keep your eyes peeled for another little giveaway coming soon!


  1. Wow great job! i think it's a success, congrats!

  2. Your hair looks great cherry, really suits you this length! X

  3. I just realised I'm not signed in. (Its elise from etc) x

  4. your new hair looks fab!

  5. Your hair really suits you! I know what you mean about hairdressers not listening though, I always feel rude if I suddenly say 'uh, excuse me!' half way through D: I found that red tends to last forever; I had red highlights half a year ago and it faded beautifully and looked great! :)

    Congrats to Kate! I love her blog :D

  6. I think it looks really nice even without the layers, my hair goes all frizzy which is really annoying but yours is super smooth!

  7. You hair looks so lovely. Like the look of your cool tshirt too x

  8. Cuuute hair! looks very good! :)

  9. your hair looks really good on you. Lucky you, you suit short and long hair ! I don't like myself with short hair, i think i look silly with it hehe. I reckon layers will make your hair thinner, but you can never go wrong with layers (:

  10. Your hair looks great. I am the same at the hairdressers, I never say anything then get home, look at in the mirror and realise it is not what I asked for

  11. wow your blog is fantastic...
    if you want we could follow each other...let me know...

  12. Aww your hair is lovely! :) and I know what you mean about them not always doing what you ask. My mum is a hairdresser, and I dont actually get her to do my hair anymore cause she just tends to do what she wants rather than what I want!

    Anyways, happy anniversary to you and the fella, hope you have a lovely weekend :) xx

  13. youre really pretty i lovee your blog! <3

  14. After looking at your pictures with longer hair, I love this look better! Your hair looks so much more fuller :) xo

  15. This hair cut really suits you! :) you look great <3

  16. SO pretty. I love how swishy it looks. x hivenn

  17. Your hair looks great! :)
    follow? ;) x

  18. I think it's very cute, and you could always try to add some layers yourself? It's actually pretty easy (:

    Congrats to the winner!

  19. We should swap - hairdressers always cut layers into my hair, even when I ask them not to! Yours looks lovely though. x


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