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10 June 2011

What a funny old week...

What a funny old week it has been, work wise that is. On Wednesday evening there was apparently a power outage in the town, which led to the University where I work, having no power and having their servers go down. We had about two hours of no internet which therefore meant no work. I work in the e-Development Centre of the University so all of our work is based Online, so I'm not just making an excuse!

We finally got the servers back and our Contensis system was back up at 3pm so we were able to get on with some work. Then, we arrive Thursday morning only to find out there has been a huge flood in the Library, where the servers are, and everything is off, not even the computers will log in!

It just shows how much we now depend on technology. We were literally sat at our desks twiddling our thumbs, or in my case, reading my new Glamour magazine.

See what I did there? I picked up all three of the new Benefit freebies, even though I had no idea what they were or how to use them! Luckily, I've done a little research and have tested the products out, only to find that they are really rather lovely. They were a lot smaller than I thought they would be but I still think they'll last quite a while! I don't wear a full face of make-up every day so they should last even longer.

Of course, the obligatory swatches, along with what Benefit have to say:

L-R: Benetint, High Beam, Posietint

Rose-tinted lip & cheek stain

Naturally sheer and sexy on all complexions...innocent yet provocative. This rosy glow lasts for hours.

Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970's, benetint has soared to cult fave status. It's loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world!

High Beam
Luminescent complexion enhancer

Looks perfectly radiant on all skintones.

Can be used as a spot highlighter or delicately blended all over your complexion.

Poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain

Liqui-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours.

As I said earlier, I had no idea what these products would be like for me and I guessed they'd probably end up in the draw gathering dust but I'm pleasantly surprised with them. The Benetint and Posietint can be used on lips and cheeks so I tested them out on both and definitely prefer them as cheek tint. When I applied them to my lips they not only tasted discusting but they made my lips very tingly and the tingling lasted for about 5 minutes, even after taking it off my lips. I don't think I'd be able to put up with that so I probably won't be using them on my lips but I did try the Benetint on my cheek-bones, mixed with the High Beam that I applied a little higher. I personally think it looks quite nice. I'm not wearing foundation in these pics so the effect isn't amazing but I think once I have foundation on, it's a nice alternative to blusher.

High Beam

I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who picked up these freebies so I'm looking forward to seeing how other bloggers use and wear them.

What is everyone up to this weekend? It is bound to be another quiet one for me!


  1. the best effect you may want to use them is to add the posietint or benetint after foundation and then add a little blusher over the top, to set it. Or you could use it under your foundation so that it isnt too bright then highbeam can be used browbone, cheeks, and cupids bow. Posietint and High Beam look great on the cheeks together, a real english rose look!

  2. I LOVE High Beam, I bought it after have a sample size in the Realness of Concealness kit, and it's one of the few items I use that are outside the range of mineral make up I use. Gald you like it. The tints look awesome too, as I'm a bit wary of lipstick and not a huge fan of gloss. Definitely going to try picking one up in the airport on Monday.

  3. I limited myself to one copy and went for high beam as I used to have benetint (agree about the tingly lips thing!). Not sure where or how to wear it either.. x

  4. I already had high beam, but my sister bought these for me from America because they were so cheap! I actually love them all,

    Rosie x

  5. No way were they glamor freebies no wonder i havent been able to find a copy anywhere - i did think it was odd! I love benetint blush and high beam is a great highlighter.

  6. oh my glamour subscription came with high beam!
    i wondered what it was (bad blogger bad blogger) haha

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  7. I LOVE High Beam. Have used it for years and it does last a long time. I use it under blusher. I find that doing that makes the blusher last longer throughout the day too. It is such a great product. x

  8. I'm not much of a make up user really, it all seems too confusing so i just stick with my liquid eyeline I've been using for years...think its time to try something new though haha!

  9. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  10. I'm super jealous of these freebies! I really want to ty them out now, the tints look awesome!

  11. Never tried high beam will have too! great blog!

  12. I love the high beam and bentint. I always hear youtuber rave about them too. I've never tried poisetint, so I'm thinking of picking that up!

  13. They look great, and I do need a blush that lasts more.. since it's one of the only makeup products I actually use.
    And oh, well, at least you had your glamour magazine hehe

  14. Oh these are great freebies! I wouldn't really have much use for any of them as I dislike the taste if benetint too and I love my MAC blushers too much to change it up! However, a few of my friends swear by these and highbeam is a great highlighter!

  15. I got posietint with my subscription copy...I refuse to give in to the hype and buy the others...really!

  16. Posietint looks lovely! Like you, I didn't have a very clear idea of what they wer ebefore reading your post hehe!

  17. I love this make-up review! High Beam looks gorgeous.


  18. I subscribe to Glamour and got the Benetint free (slightly disappointed because I was hoping for Highbeam which I have heard is very good).

    I prefer the Benetint on my lips though, and it doesn't tingle - so perhaps thats a reaction with sensitive skin on your lips?

    Hope you're well xxx

  19. I'm a subscriber to glamour and i was so excited when free benifit fell through my door! I got the Poisetint. Its a little pink for my skin tone but still a great freebie!X


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