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22 June 2011

What's in my bag?

So, not much going on at the moment to be honest! We're kind of hanging around, waiting for moving day now, which is exactly a week tomorrow! I think we're going to do the majority of the packing at the weekend which I'll look forward to...not.

Yesterday was mine and Vince's 3 year anniversary! We didn't really do anything special as I had work in the day (boo!), but we did go to our favourite Chinese restaurant in the evening which was delicious! They have an all you can eat buffet so we completely stuffed ourselves with food, and pudding too! Although we said we wouldn't buy each-other presents, I was very naughty and brought Vince a shirt that he wanted, hehe. :)

After a lovely meal we came back home and slobbed out on the sofa, watching Heroes! After finishing Prison Break, we needed another long running series to get stuck into! So far it's a hit!

Anyway, onto the main subject of today's post!

A women's hand-bag is like a holy grail that no man should ever go near. I'm not quite sure why as we don't keep anything terribly exciting in our hand-bags do we? I know I certainly don't, however, when someone commented on my giveaway post saying they'd like to see a 'what's in my bag?' post, I had to oblige!

This bag is relatively new and from Primark. I was carrying round a big black satchel from Warehouse but it was just too big to be lugging around with me so I decided to buy a smaller satchel. I actually brought this when the zip on one of my Matalan bags snapped, it was a sign that a new bag was needed!

I love the inside pattern of the bag and how spacey it is. I'm definitely one of those people that keeps all sorts of rubbish in their bag but I've tried to capture everything I have in there on a day to day basis.

So, we have: Inhalers, 2x hand-creams (no idea why I have two?), hair-brush, lip-balm, breakfast biscuits for when I get peckish at work, body spray, deodorant, a book to read on my lunch break, keys, water, phone, iPod and purse!

Interesting huh?


  1. The food looks so yummy. Happy anniversary! x

  2. Hello hun - happy anniversary to you and your boyf! Funnily enough, it's mine with my bf on Monday. We're going to a Chinese restaurant too but it's not a buffet - they're so bad but sooo good!

    I've just followed and am having a good stalk around your posts, they're right up my street - excuse me while I stalk you! Going to add your button to my sidebar too =)

    Gem xx

  3. congrats on the anniversary :) I love that bag! xx

  4. Hope you had a good anniversary! cute post!

  5. I have the green version. It's such a perfect size! I use it for an overnight bag too x

  6. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  7. We had 3 year anniversary the other week but we both completely forgot about it!! I only realized it yesterday and I got so so sad- that's so unlike me to forget such things :( but Congratulations on your anniversary ! :)

  8. Great post! thanks for sharing :) love your purse <3

  9. Random question but how do you get along with an HTC phone? I'm thinking of replacing my Blackberry with one and I'm trying to get a few opinions. Most of my friends find them really complicated.

    Great post too, I love being nosey!

    Oh and Happy Anniversary too, such cute cards.

  10. congratulations. sounds like you had a great night and that food looked amazing!

  11. I'm pretty sure I carry multiples of everything in my bag!

  12. aaww the cards are very cute! I really like your bag too xx

  13. Happy anniversary - can't beat a good all you can eat chinese! Love your bag too :-)

  14. I had to do a double take on the bag just then, I cant believe it is from Primark. I love it, how long ago did you get it?! I want it! xx


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