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12 June 2011


Although I have my camera set to a good quality close up shot, it still can't cope with these sorts of pictures and they come out slightly blurry, which is really annoying. These were the best two I could pick out.

I quickly put together this outfit while playing around with my clothes. I wouldn't for one second consider myself as fashionable but I think this outfit works. It's not too dressed up for me and is the first time I've even worn this skirt since buying it! I already have a t-shirt in this exact shade of blue but I spotted this one in the New Look sale for £3 and it has this cute knot at the bottom too. :)

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to let you all know that my blog has now become a .com! After lots of Twitter advice, I decided to sign up to Blogspot's custom domain which is just over £7 for the year of hosting, which I think is extremely reasonable. It was really easy to do as well. I'm messed about with domains and hosting when I set up, and I wouldn't be able to remember for the life of me, how I did it back then so I was glad at how easy this was!

I feel like it makes the blog look a bit more professional when you give the URL out and it's another way that my blog has developed!

I also have a fancy new email address -


  1. Oh I can't see the pictures for some reason! But yay on the new web address :)

    Rosie x

  2. Yay! Domains always look so much better :) I might get one soon :) x

  3. Boo we can't see the photo! But yay on the web address, very professional! :) xx

  4. I'm guessing the photo isn't showing because my blog is in the middle of transferring to a .com!

  5. Ooh congrats on the new domain! xx

  6. Beautiful outfit! YAY for a domain! I need to buy mine soon haha! Your blog is lovely btw, definitely following xx

  7. I actually don't see myself as fashionable either, hah! I think your outfit is quite lovely. And congrats on the .com! Anyway, thank for the comment on my blog, darling!

    PS how'd you get that blog address? I've wanted to set mine up but I don't know how!


  8. cute outfit, love the top! thanks for the lovely comment :) x

  9. it's great having your own domain!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  10. I might be able to justify a domain this summer :) I think it looks really good!

  11. What a beautiful outfit! The blue is such a brilliant shade. And congrats on the ".com"!

    sorelle in style

  12. that's a really nice outfit, you look lovely :) xx

  13. Congrats! The next step... x


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