Cherry Pie : Top of the knots: Bristol stylists in World Record attempt for topknot hairstyles

5 June 2011

Top of the knots: Bristol stylists in World Record attempt for topknot hairstyles

I love Cabot Circus in Bristol, not only for the great shops but because they are also able to put on some great events. Last year I went to their Fashion Weekender, which was great! I got special front row seats right in-front of Gok Wan, who was so loud that my ears bled a little. You can see my write up on the Cabot Circus Fashion Weekend over at

I recently received a press release in my inbox about another great event that is happening at the shopping city very soon and I must admit, when I read the press release, it did make me giggle. Not only is it a really different sort of event but I wish I could make it!

On Saturday June 11th, Bristol hairdressers will attempt to set the World Record for the highest number of topknot hairstyles completed in one day.

Brilliant! I've always wanted to try a topknot in my hair but I just have no patience whatsoever, so I was really gutted that I can't make it to the event as I'd definitely offer myself up for it!

The event, which has been organised by Bristol based fashion website will see stylists from Robin James Salon Ltd grabbing shoppers and transforming their hair into the iconic topknot style as part of a speed styling challenge and World Record attempt.

Shoppers in Cabot Circus on 11 June will be able to get their hair styled into a topknot for free and become part of the attempt. Everyone who gets a topknot will also receive a free goodie bag, packed with stylish treats.

As if that wasn't enough, there will also be make-up artists from Bobbi Brown on hand to offer free makeovers, while Sanctuary Spa will be providing free manicures. So, if you're off out on Saturday night, Cabot Circus is the place to go to get your hair, make-up and nails done! I would!

The event is being held to celebrate the launch of the fabulous, a new Bristol based fashion website that will cover all things stylish in the city.

“Bristol is home to a hotbed of different styles. aims to celebrate what’s best in the West for fashion and, with this World Record attempt we hope that people will sit up and take notice of Bristol as a style capital,” said Gina Dyer, Editor of

I urge anyone from Bristol or the surrounding areas to get down to this event as it really sounds like a lot of fun. Also, you'll be able to get some much needed shopping done as well!

Inspired by this I did have some patience to try it myself...

As much as I had help from this tutorial, my hair is just way too long and floppy to do anything with. It took me forever to get the pony tail in the right place and I had one hair clip to hold it all in place. It doesn't even suit me so all in all it was a great big fail.


  1. Thanks for the mention Cherry! Your topknot looks ace! Love Gina. x

  2. I wish my hair was long enough for a top knot, I can just about get a mini stump of a ponytail on top of my head! I reckon it would suit you, maybe with a bit more practise and a few more clips :) x

  3. Wow that place looks massive! :O and that wasn't a fail, you do a lot better job then i do with that hairstyle =]

  4. Soo lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)


  5. I'm useless with my hair so I doubt I'd get it to work for more either! It does look very neat on you though! xx

  6. That seems like such a cool event! xx

  7. I wish I could pull off a top knot but I don't think my hair's quite long enough yet...
    This sounds brilliant!

    Rosie x

  8. topknots look so hard to do! and what a fab idea for a world record!



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