Cherry Pie : You asked for it: OOTD Featuring Topshop and Matalan

4 June 2011

You asked for it: OOTD Featuring Topshop and Matalan

Topshop Grandad Shirt
Matalan Ditsy Shorts

My first proper outfit post using my new tripod! I appreciate that the photos aren't the greatest but I'm still getting used to it so bare with me! My hair is total mess and I have no make up on but you said you wanted more outfit posts so your wishes are my command!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you my current outfit which I decided to wear after yesterday's unbearably hot weather, believing that it would be the same today. It hasn't been. I'll probably get a bit chilly later and have to stick some trousers on!

It's quite a simple outfit and not something I would have dreamt of wearing even a year ago. Shorts have always been a no-no for me but I decided to pick these up on a whim from Matalan as I loved them so much! I have some sort of weird phobia about showing my legs, but I'm sick of sweating horribly in the hot weather while wearing a pair of jeans so I have finally embraced the shorts! I love that these are quite floaty and not too fitted, I also love the pattern and the fact that they were only £8! Unfortunately I can't find them on the website but they do have loads of similar pairs available!

The shirt is so comfortable and great for the hot weather as it's very loose fitting. It'd be quite nice to have this in a few other colours as well!

PPS - I can't believe that literally everybody who commented on my last blog post was a Jacqueline Wilson fan in their childhood! I was a bit worried that the post would be a bit boring for you all but I'm glad I got lots of lovely comments on it, hooray for childhood books!


  1. love this outfit! you look great cherry :)


  2. That is a lovely summer outfit, it looks so nice and breezy! I need some clothes like those! xx

  3. You look so pretty and summery in this, I love it! xx

  4. great outfit, that top looks so comfy! x

  5. LOVE the outfit, I wish I'd bought those shorts. Gorgeous. I also really love your hair xo

  6. You look absolutely lovely :)

    I'm thinking about getting a proper camera tripod to do outfit posts, looks like it works really well!

  7. This looks brill :) deffo want to see more outfit posts in future, love them! x

    half the world away.

  8. I love your top! It's preppy yet summery and casual at the same time:) xx

  9. Those floral shorts are adorable! Oh, I adore Matalan... I have relatives in England, and when I visit them, I'm always sure I haunt it frequently while I'm there! x

  10. Love the shorts :) You look lovely!! x

  11. This is a lovely outfit:) I'm after that topshop shirt now!xxx

  12. Definitely my kind of shorts! They look great on you :)

    Rosie x

  13. I really need to dig out my mums matalan card and take a trip! x

  14. i like the short,cute.
    and ohh, i love Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl as well! i have their books since i was in Junior High, i have 3 books of JW and 3 books of Roald D.


  15. LOVE your Grandad shirt! And your hair is so long and gorgeous.

    I did an outfit post the other day, but I definitely need to get a tripod! What camera do you have?


  16. i love your shorts! great bargain at £8 too! ahh i love a good bargain ;)

    great shirt too, perfect for the summer!!

  17. I got a tripod but have been too lazy to use it! I really must start.

  18. Your outfit is really pretty and comfy, great for summer days. And I really like your floral shorts. :)


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