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12 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

I don't know if you've noticed, but Royal Wedding fever has gripped the nation. Usually I wouldn't really care or show any interested in a Royal Wedding but I'm quite interested to see Kate and Will's big day, although I'll probably miss it as I'll be at work or something. I'm quite interested to see what Kate wears of course and how she goes about being a Princess in general. Isn't it every young girls dream to be a Princess? Cow...

So why have I suddenly started gushing about the Royals I hear you ask...well, it's all because I received a gorgeous Royal Wedding themed package from Debenhams this morning. I was in two minds whether or not to answer the door in my PJs but decided I should as it'd only mean going to the Post Office and paying an extra £1.50 to get my parcel. Inside I found some very lovely sweets, which were quickly devoured, a bridal Tiara by Jon Richard as well as a Nails Inc Limited Edition nail polish and the best bit of all...a replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring!

I was quite tempted to put the ring on my left hand and send a picture to mum, pretending Vince had proposed to me, but after remembering that she can't receive picture messages properly, the joke would be a huge fail. It's a pretty damn good replica though and it's lovely and shiny. The ring is also from the Jon Richard range, available online, and is only £10, bargain!

The Vine Tiara is also from the Jon Richard range, but this time, from the Bridal section! I have to say it is SO pretty and made me feel pretty special when I tried it on to take pictures. For only £18, it's a great piece for Brides to wear as it looks pretty expensive, you could tell people it cost hundreds and they wouldn't even know!

To celebrate the Royal Wedding Nails Inc released a range of Limited Edition polishes all encrusted with crystals. The one I received was the Kate Polish and it's top is encrusted with sapphire crystals inspired by her engagement ring. Usually these polishes are priced at £10, but the limited edition ones are £15. This one came in a cute little package (the union jack sticker would make a good hair clip!) which I almost couldn't bear to open!

The polish itself is a really feminine peachy/pink, but it's very thin so for good coverage I'd recommend 2 or 3 layers of polish. I actually love the colour, it makes me feel very feminine and it dries pretty quickly!

Such cute items. They really perked up my morning!


  1. Ahaha, that is such a sweet idea!

  2. I'm really excited about the Royal Wedding too actually as it's getting closer. This post is so cute and lots of great info.

    Nice blog

  3. I've seen a lot of replicas of the ring! We're having a party for the wedding where we all have to wear something wedding appropriate! I hope I won't have to work that day though!
    Love the nail polish, such a lovely colour!

  4. That ring is absolutely gorgeous!


  5. im so excited for the wedding! xx

  6. I love all this royal wedding paraphernalia that's coming out - so funny :)

    Rosie x

  7. We definitely don't have anything similar to this here in the states. It's kind of nutty, but in a fun way. Love the ring.

  8. I wasn't overly fussed about the royal wedding either but these goodies are gorgeous! Love that colour nail varnish! And that tiara is lovely too, might have to buy one just generally, who cares if its meant to be for bridal! haha :D

  9. The replica ring is gorgeous! I've seen others, I think Tesco is doing a £4.50 one I'm interested to see.
    Great blog as always, aren't you lucky to get free gifts!

  10. Nice package, particularly love the replica ring! So garish!

  11. What an amazing package to recieve. I am ridiculously excited about the royal wedding. I can't wait to see the dress. However I am so not jealous of Kate Middleton, I could never live like that with everyone watching my every move

  12. omg I well want that ring! I am really excited for the wedding, I think as I've never seen anything like this before? I dunno, it's getting me all excited, I like the bottle of nail varnish but the colour is a bit too light to suit me, I might get the Wills polish though as a keepsake lol! x

  13. hey girl i LOVE LOVE the nail polish. Do they ship to the United States? I want to get but am not sure how to!!

  14. oh for a quick moment I thought the nail polish color was called "flammable kate" haha. But I love all the things you got! did a postman just come up and give them to you because of the royal wedding? if so that would be amazing!

    I'd love a comment :)


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