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16 April 2011

Is this what you're waiting for?

Aren't weekends precious when you're working full time? 48 hours of doing absolutely nothing. Not having to rush to get ready in the mornings and not having to worry about how late you go to bed on the Friday and Saturday nights, bliss!

Friday was my first pay-day of my new job and it feels so good to have money in my account again! I was down to my last £10 and wasn't actually sure if I was going to get paid this week or next week so thank goodness it was this week! Immediately after work I headed into town and picked up some of my Sisters birthday present. She's currently pregnant and moody and needs a huge cheering up. So far I've got her a La Senza voucher, a Body Shop Shower Gel set and a 21st Me to You Figurine but I need to add something more! Something special, so any ideas welcome! She keeps saying she needs some pampering but I can't find any spas or treatments in the area we live!

I also picked myself up new top from New Look. It's a colour fading cape which I love! I was initially looking for shorts but they didn't have the floral ones from my Weekly Wishlist post, typical! I also picked up some Barry M Nail Effects polishes which will be reviewed shortly! Friday evening was a well deserved rest in front of the TV with a Chinese to celebrate!

After a well deserved lie-in (sp?) this morning, I spent the morning in bed reading with a nice mug of tea! Followed by a lovely long shower where I had a proper pampering session with my GHD Shampoo & Conditioner, my Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub and my array of scrumptious smelling Body Shop Shower Gels followed by yet more Soap & Glory Body Butter! It's so nice not to have to hop in the shower and hop back out practically straight away in order to get ready.

The rest of the day has been spent getting lunch from Subway and just generally pottering around, tidying, washing and organising all my crap! I'm trying to sort out all of the stuff that I don't use so I can pack it away ready for when we move. I'm hoping we go home before moving day so I can take a load back with me!

Yet more pampering has followed in the form of nail painting. I've managed to find a nice new home for all of my nail polishes in some Soap & Glory gift bags I got at Christmas time. I can't believe how many polishes I have now, and I added three to the collection yesterday when I picked up the Barry M Nail Effects polishes in White, Pink and Blue!

It was pretty difficult to choose a base colour for these but I settled on Grey, Mint Green and White! I tried the Mint Green with Blue crackle before when I attended the Matalan press day and I really liked it! The white went on a bit thick on one side so it looks a bit dodgy in the photos. It's pretty difficult to only do one layer which the instructions suggest, as the brush often doesn't reach the sides of the nails so I have to quickly dab those areas before it starts cracking.

I really loved the Pink as it's a bright, almost neon shade and looks great on the White! The White crackle on a Grey base is very doom and gloom but would go well with the skull nail stickers I picked up, which should hopefully feature in another post!

Does anyone else find that their Barry M Crackle Polishes tend to crack into quite big segments? You can see in the pics above...maybe I'm painting it too thick? Anyway...Barry M were the first company to bring out the crackle effect polish so I'm really eager to see if they take it even further in the future!

Tonight is going to be spent in front of the TV again. We do love a bit of Saturday night TV! Tomorrow I'm hoping to go into town as I'm after a pair of bleach washed jeans like the ones pictures in my Weekly Wishlist post, however, the ones from Miss Selfridge are only in leg length 32! I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. Oh now I do like the pink. I was debating buying the blue and pink ones when they were released. Wish I had. I shall look out for them instore now.
    The model's own ones from the pics I've seen don't tend to crackle as much as these, the underlying polish isn't as noticeable.

  2. I have the pink one, got it yesterday and love it! And I would definitely look in lush for pampering products, they're so cheap you can get a box and just fill them up with bath bombs etc. :) Amy,x

  3. I'm not sure whether I want the crackle nail varnish - although I tend to paint my nails a lot usually it's for work and we're not allowed 'chipped' nails. Hmm.

    I love the top though!

  4. I know what you mean about really valuing the weekends when you're working full time! I never used to be bothered by them before but now it's all I think about from Wednesday lol


  5. How nice of your to go purchase your sister some gifts! I'm sure she's going to love them all! :D

    I love the fading color of your new shirt! Your new nail polishes are so cool! crackle nail polish is such a pretty trend right now!

    x, I

  6. I love the new top! I went into New Look today but I didn't see anything like that. Our New Look is crap. I'll have to go to Southampton this week I think. I agree with the Lush products. A couple of bath bombs and a face mask would be good!
    I really want to try the white crackle polish!!

  7. loving that top, and I didn't know that there were new BarryM shatter colours out!!! Excited! XX

  8. the crackle polishes look amazing!! i love the cape top too, you look great :)


  9. oooh crackle polishes! ;) love the cape! You're lucky having a sister, i have 3 brothers so present buying is tough!
    lovely post girly. xo.

  10. Thank you for the comment,
    LOVE the barry m :) My friends have got it and always rave about it!
    I go into shops with the intention of buying things then always get something else :P <3

  11. I bought the barry m polishes yesterday =)
    love your top x

  12. Love the pink, I will have to buy. I only have the black, but although I find it crackles well I agree that it does crackle is quite big chunks.

  13. love the colour and cut of that top, looks perfect on you.

    Helen, X

  14. I love your top. And the nail polish looks so interesting. :)


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